AKBingo!: Look At The Cute Little Idols?

This week was the 2nd episode of the AKB48/Idoling!!! collaboration on AKBingo! It was a continuation of the same game played last week, with the girls trying to guess what’s wrong with this picture, or suffer the consequences.  I guess it must have been “America” week on the show, as three of the puzzles were products or sites based in the U.S.

This one took me a second to figure out.  I could tell something was wrong with her head…oh yes, the top of her crown is missing!

It helped that I have a Subway sandwich shop right next to my office.  Easy, the “Y” has an arrow on it.

C’mon, I could see the Hollywood Sign from the house I grew up in!

In addition to the game, there was a funny moment where the girls all started making silly faces.  Personally I’d rather see them looking cute than strange, but it was okay for a bit.

Oh Sae, you have destroyed my image of you!

C’mon Eto-chan, you aren’t even trying!  Make way for the queen of weird faces…

Oh my god!  I’ve always found Yuko to be cute.  But she has a tremendous overbite!  Makes for some interesting expressions, eh?  That second shot scared the hell out of me!

This brings me to my favorite member of Idoling!!!  The short and stacked Erika Yazawa.  This episode of AKBingo! has now confirmed how awesome Yazawa is!

This chick is so rock n’ roll.  She reminds me a lot of Aibon.  Very playful, a lot of fun, petite but not too skinny.  And she is totally built for gravure!  Silverbolt has posted a couple of her pictorials, and they are very impressive, if you know what I mean!

So lets see, my fave girl of AKB48 is Ohori Megumi.  Favorite member of H!P, Tanaka Reina.  And my best Idoling!!! girl is Erika Yazawa.  Anyone notice a pattern?  I adore a risque idol.  And Yazawa looks like she is a handful…I love it!!!

The show ended again with Skirt, Hirari…and a preview of AKB48’s next single 10 nen Sakura.  They played a snippet of it on the show, and it is more upbeat than Sakura no Hanabiratachi.  I am so thankful for that.  Not that I don’t like Sakura, I just prefer upbeat material.  We are also treated to a few shots from Acchan’s new photobook.  You know, the one that according to CDJapan and HMV has gone “out of print” weeks before the release date?  Here is a sample of what we are missing…

And next week?  Oh boy, a new bit!  Well, I remember them doing something similar to this a while ago.  But the conveyor ended with some dude in Boxer shorts, not with the ole’ “Pie in the Face” routine…

Oh no, poor Meetan!!!  🙁

CK in California

**EDIT**  I checked HMV tonight, and they show Acchan’s PB available for purchase…Yatta!!!  Hopefully it won’t be on endless backorder like my AKB48 History Book and Meetan PB!