Watarirouka Hashiritai Becomes Awesome!!!

Okay, admittedly I wrote that post title with a bit of “tongue-in-cheek”.  I have always liked “Lolirouka”, although I didn’t like their last couple of singles as much as the early stuff.  The funny thing is I have never big a big fan of ANY of the girls in the unit.  However, as a group I think they are really cute.  And now…

What was four, and became five is now SEVEN!  And I couldn’t be any happier since the two newest members of WH are none other than my two favorite AKB members, Iwasa Misaki and Komori Mika.  I had been hoping for this ever since the two were added to the unit’s radio show.  It was like “what’s the point?  Are they 1/2 members or something?”  Perhaps it was a test to see how the girls would mesh together, I don’t know.  What I do know is that Wasamin and Miporin have arrived, and I am ecstatic!!!

By the way, I cannot wait for this DVD to hit my doorstep!!!

Of course I can always rely on my fellow fans to pipe in with a million opinions.  And of course idol fans react to change about the same way I react to a colonoscopy.  Everyone whining about this somehow ruining a “perfect formation” and poor Komorin is being pushed by AkiP beyond her capabilities and talent.

Ya know what?  Komori is a lot more talented than people give her credit for.  Oh and something else…Wasamin blows the doors off of all of them “singing-wise”.  They are both Super-Kawaii too, so as far as I’m concerned they are both a perfect fit for the group.

I’ll even take it a step further, they should have gotten their OWN UNIT!!!!  How about that???

Everyone loves to “Tuesday Morning Quarterback” every move AkiP and AKB Management makes, which is why Stage48 has 10 pages of two-penny opinions every time a news story breaks.  I learned long ago that being an AKB48 fan is like a rollercoaster ride.  We are riding the ride, not steering the coaster.  Even with all the high and low moments we experience, you gotta admit it’s a fun adventure.  Why not just enjoy all the ways AkiP keeps things interesting?

So after reading countless blogs criticizing this move (with the exception of Aigon, high-five buddy!)  I for one have become a bigger fan of Watarirouka as a result of the change and will be pre-ordering the single.  BAM!!!

And Go Wasamin!!!!!!!!

CK in California

6 thoughts on “Watarirouka Hashiritai Becomes Awesome!!!

  1. I like the two members, but I liked the formation before. Just a little afraid to change. I will know better when I see the single.

  2. They both would be a great addition to the group. It also means less screentime for the current members, so some may have a problem with that.

  3. Wasamin, I get it. She’s cute and she actually -can- hold a tune (Her impromptu enka performance on Nemousu is evidence of that). I have no doubt she will enjoy greater success as part of WH.

    Komorin, on the other hand… AkiP (or the OgiPro management) really does seem to be pushing her beyond her (current) limits right now. Despite all her “potential”, she’s still incredibly awkward in front of the camera. Regardless, the question now is whether she will rise up to the challenge, or wilt under the pressure. Like you said, we’re all just here for the (totally awesome) ride, and I’ll definitely be paying attention to this development.

  4. You know, CK, I am absolutely agree with you. That Komorin (I prefer it than Miporin) is awesome!! I cannot say I don’t like shining, bright, multi-talented idols. But, AKB is AKB. Their awesomeness is in their normality. IMHO Komorin is a normal girl, so normal that she fits perfectly in AKB. And now, I’ll actually take my time to hear the Watarirouka’s (I even have to check the spelling) singles.

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