Shibuya AX in My Living Room (CK’s AKB Top 100)

Well…I guess you could say it is in my living room…in a way.  The AKB48 Shibuya AX Box Sets are some of the biggest Jewels in my J-Pop collection.  And for good reason.  The annual event holds a very special place in my heart as it was my first ever live J-pop experience.

My god, it seems like so long ago.  But actually it was almost exactly three years ago in 2008 that a made my first trip to Tokyo to experience this idol phenomenon firsthand.  On my second night in Tokyo I navigated the streets of Shibuya in the snow to see this concert series.  Heck, I didn’t even know that they were doing a countdown concert!  I was a total J-pop N00b, knowing only the music and pv’s I had seen over the past year on YouTube.  I probably knew about 10-15 of the members by name, my oshimen at the time being Ohe Tomomi. (hehe)  But that all changed that very night when I witnessed Meetan’s infamous “gold bikini” moment.  Ohori became my favorite idol that night, and I have adored her ever since.  Anyhow…

I began compiling this list a couple of months ago, and I figure this is a great night to reveal it since the 2011 Shibuya AX series begins in a couple of hours.  I ALMOST went to this concert, but Togasaki’s announcement that they were treating the concert ticket raffle similar to the chara-ani distribution (your name on the ticket, i.d. at the door) squelched that idea.  Instead I am heading back over to Japan in about 10 weeks for the 20th single handshake events.  And with 8 tickets for Wasamin alone, it should be a tremendous time!

Anyway, forgive my rambling.  It has been a long time since I posted on this site.  This is my “ever- mercurial” AKB and Family Top 100 songs.  Enjoy…

01. Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou (K4)
02. Saigo no Seifuku (SnH c/w)
03. Warning (A3)
04. Rio no Kakumei (A2)
05. 100 Meter Conbini (B5)
06. Doku Ringo wo Tabesasete (A1)
07. 50% (H2)
08. Futsuu no Anata (SDN1)
09. Mori e Ikou (H2)
10. Nage Kiss de Uchi Otose! (A3)

Did you think anything other than Meetan’s tour de force would be #1 on my list?  No way!  A couple of AKB songs that I feel are totally under-appreciated are the totally cool Warning from Team A, and 50%, the second encore song from H2.  I am also glad to see that so many fans love Mori e Ikou.  Jeez, H2 is a great stage!  I wish I had gotten the chance to see it’s revival at G-rosso!  Oh, and to me Saigo no Seifuku is the most beautiful J-pop ballad ever written!

11. Black Boy (SDN1)
12. Love Wars (Q&E)
13. Tegami no Koto (S3)
14. 16nin Shimai no Uta (K4)
15. Seishun Girls (K2)
16. Cinderella wa Damasarenai (K2)
17. Ikirutte Subarashii (H2)
18. Amai Kokansetsu (Ohori Meshibe)
19. Seifuku Resistance (K6)
20. GAGAGA (SDN 1st single)

These are IMO some of the hippest songs in AkiP’s catalog.  There is plenty of Meetan represented here.  Love Wars is maybe the best rock song done by an AKB member.  From the goofy 16nin, to the Brazilian beats of Ikirutte Subarashii, AkiP has an amazing musical range.

21. Squall no Aida ni (A5)
22. Only Today (A4)
23. Vampire Keikaku (SDN1)
24. Tsundere! (A5)
25. Saboten to Gold Rush (A6)
26. Hajimete no Jelly Beans (H2)
27. Nakama no Uta (S3)
28. Wakage no Italian (Watarirouka c/w)
29. Let’s Get “Ato 1 cm” (H2)
30. Koi no Keikou to Taisaku (S2)

Nakama no Uta is the second song on this list from S3.  I really love SKE’s most recent stage, and would love to finally get a chance to see it live after a few failed attempts to win a ticket.  And who’d a thought my favorite Watarirouka song would be a B-side?  But that may chance with their new release coming out in 2 weeks.  Koi no Keikou to Taisaku is by far my favorite song from S2.  I am really growing a fondness for the girls from Nagoya.  Akimoto writes them some amazing material!

31. Kokoro no Hashi no Sofa (K6)
32. Gomen ne Jewel (K4)
33. Wasshoi B! (B3)
34. Touhikou (SDN1)
35. Junjou Shugi (B3)
36. Kagami no Naka no Joan of Arc (B3)
37. I’m Sure. (SDN1)
38. Zutto Zutto  (A6)
39. Itoshiki Natasha (B4)
40. Mango NO 2 (S2)

I haven’t mentioned it until now, but almost the entire SDN setlist (and single) made it onto my list.  And why not?  I think it is the greatest Stage anyone from AKB has ever done.  It is also the stage I have seen the most (nine times!)  The next closest is K5 (5 times)  Touhikou and I’m Sure are two of the sexiest songs in SDN1.

41. Nattou Angel (Nattou Angel)
42. Hikoukigumo (A5)
43. Minasan mo go Issho ni (B4)
44. Seifuku no Me (S3)
45. Rider (A3)
46. Gokigen Naname na Mermaid (B3)
47. Eros no Trigger (SDN c/w)
48. Yakusoku yo (K2)
49. RUN RUN RUN (H1)
50. Mangekyou (S3

Back in 2009 just about every song from B3 made it onto the Top 100…except one!  And Mermaid is probably my favorite song from the stage!  Two more entries from S3.  If you haven’t picked that CD up yet, you are really missing out!  Yakusoku Yo will always remind me of the final scene from AKB Kagekidan Infinity.

51. Aisareru to iu Koto (ICE)
52. Confession (H2)
53. Kanpeki Guu no ne (Watarirouka single)
54. Christmas Present (No3b c/w)
55. Saka Agari (K5)
56. Aozora no Soba ni ite (A1)
57. 7ji 12fun no Hatsukoi (A4)
58. Locker Room Boy (B5)
59. Uhho Uhhoho (K6)
60. Kuroi Tenshi (A5)

Aisareru is so pretty, and probably deserves to be much higher on this list.  It is sort of a “forgotten song”  7ji 12fun makes it here because it is probably Oh-Yay’s finest musical moment in AKB, along with Aozora no Soba ni Ite because it always brings back memories of her graduation along with Rinatin, Hiichan, Risa and Hana.  As much as I didn’t care for K5, Saka Agari is an awesome song to see live!

61. Boku Dake no Value (Beginner c/w)
62. Blue Rose (K2)
63. Senaka Kara Dakishimete (A2)
64. Yuuwaku no Garter (SDN1)
65. Namida no Shounan (A2)
66. Ki ni Naru Tenkousei (K3)
67. Sobakasu no Kiss (B4)
68. Miniskirt no Yosei (Zenza Girls)
69. Kaze no Violin (Watarirouka c/w)
70. Akogare no Pop Star (A6)

61-70 features two songs that have grown on me over the years.  I always have my Ipod on shuffle.  Believe it or not, I find myself skipping over a lot of old tracks.  But not Namida no Shounan and Senaka Kara DakishimeteSobakasu no Kiss is another song that I have developed a fondness for from multiple Ipod listens.  As for the Zenza Girls, I love all three songs and wish they were on a CD somewhere.  But Miniskirt is my favorite after seeing two of the three performed live.

71. Dear my Teacher (A1)
72. Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou (A4)
73. Ganbarina (SDN1)
74. MARIA (K3)
75. Kurukurupaa (K3)
76. Ashita wa Ashita no Kimi ga Umareru (Chocolove)
77. Kurumi to Dialogue (CnJ c/w)
78. Koike (A3)
79. Candy (B5)
80. Namida Surprise! (12th single)

Finally a couple of the singles make the list!  Yeah, I am a Stage Song Snob, which is part of what frustrates me about the AX countdown.  With the exception of 2009, the series is always flooded at the top with the single releases.  I am sure 2011 will be no different with the gigantic influx of new fans, most of which do not bother to scratch much beyond the surface of AKB.  It is too bad, because there is so much more to love beyond the singles.  The casual fans/listeners are missing out on over 90% of what makes AKB48 awesome.

81. Christmas ga Ippai (K3)
82. Kuma no Nuigurumi (A4)
83. Tobenai Agehachou (Iiwake Maybe c/w)
84. Iiwake Maybe (13th single)
85. Boyfriend no Tsukurikata (K4)
86. RESET (K6)
87. Honehone Waltz (K3)
88. Saturday Night Party (SDN1)
89. Tane (No3b single)
90. FIRST LOVE (NS c/w)

Two more totally awesome, but totally ignored songs are Kuma no Nuigurumi and Boyfriend no Tsukurikata.  I guess they get sort of “drowned out” by the rest of their respective stages, which are both amazing.  Same with the opening song of SDN1, Saturday Night Party.  I will always remember the first time I saw SDN’s Stage in person.  It took less than 2 minutes for Hatakeyama Chisaki to capture my heart that night.  It was too bad I was already a Meetan fanatic, otherwise I might be running a Chakl Worship Blog.  Hmmm, I kinda like the sound of that!

91. Hizukehenkousen (K2)
92. Tengoku Yarou (B4)
93. Enkyori Poster (SnS c/w)
94. Yume no Kane (K6)
95. Sado he Wataru (SDN c/w)
96. Erai Hito ni Naritakunai (K4)
97. Jajauma Lady (SDN1)
98. Manatsu no Christmas Rose (A5)
99. ALIVE (CnJ c/w)
00. Chuu Shiyouze! (AKBIdoling!!!)

Rounding out the Top 100…you may notice most every goofy song in the AKB catalog makes the list.  CinDy is great in Tengoku YarouYume no Kane from Team K’s new stage deserves to be higher than this.  And if you are wondering why I ended the list with the AKBIdoling!!! song?  Simple, anything that Yazapai is in gets to make this list!!!  A little breakdown of the list…

Team A – 22 (3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 3)
Team K – 20 (-, 5, 5, 5, 1, 5)
Team B – 11 (-, -, 4, 4, 3)
Team H – 8 (1, 6)
SKE48  – 6 (-, 2, 4)
SDN48  – 12
No3b    – 2
Watari  – 3
Zenza   – 1
Choco  – 1
AKBIce- 1
Shibe   – 1
Nattou  – 1
Q&E     – 1
Single  – 10

I am glad I finally got this thing posted as it has been sitting on my “todo” list for a while now.  I know there was a lack of graphics on this post, which probably made it tougher to read all the way through.  Oh well, I hope you like my list anyway.  And I recently updated my member rankers too, which you can click on at the top of the site.

Hopefully I will be posting my thoughts on the 2011 Setlists as they come in.  Talk to you then!

CK in California

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  1. yay! a new post… surprised that kinjifutari k2? didn’t make the list, or even pianist, wimbeldon, kareha no station, or some of b3. i really disliked b3 and team b as a whole before… but i recently gave in because of seeing some of the graduates of team b performed on that 5 year anniversary special namely (Saotome Miki and Mika) how awesome was that. i can’t wait for the 2011 setlist to be revealed… i really think Beginner, Pony Tail, and Heavy Rotation will be on the top of the list.

  2. Wow. I can sure recall your reaction to that Shibuya Ax concert and that, if memory serves, you decided to duck out of there after being bumped by a hyperactive fan. In any event: How best to get a copy of that box set? I’ve never seen it available online. Can it be ordred? Thanks much/rad

  3. ^ Errr, Rad. I think your memory is a bit blurry. Yes, I did duck out of the show a little early, but it wasn’t because I got “bumped by a hyperactive fan”. Anyway,

    All of the Shibuya AX Box Sets are available for purchase in AKB48’s online shop

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