Shibuya AX Top 25 Predictions at Zero Hour…

Okay, the final night of the Shibuya AX setlist concert series is almost upon us.  So let’s see how accurate we can be with predicting the final 25.  Last year was pretty easy to predict, the only surprise being SDN48’s Kodoku na Runner getting in.  But I guess that wasn’t such a surprise for the SDN faithful.  Anyway, my predictions, so to speak…

Heavy Rotation
10nen Zakura
Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara
Ponytail to Shoushou
Enkyori Poster
Oogoe Diamond
Namida Surprise
First Love
Ude wo Kunde
Team B Oshi
Yokaze no Shiwaza
Hatsukoi Konnichiwa
Itoshisa no Accel
Heart Gata Virus
Uhho Uhhoho
Kimi Shaka
Kareha no Station
Unknown SDN song  (hoping for something other than Kodaku na Runner)

So that’s 24 of the 25 I think are a shoe-in.  But hat about the last two?  I hope one of them is Oshi/Meshi, as Meetan has made it clear she really wants to perform it tonight.  But that would be one less spot for a lot of other good songs too.  So for the last two, I’m guessing they will come from this list…

Wasshoi B
Sabotoen to Goldrush
Ai no Stripper
100 Meter Conbini
Renai Kinshi Jourei
1,2,3,4 Yoroshiku
Nakinagara Hohoen de
Zannen Shougo

We’ll see how I do.  Show is about to start.  GO OHORI GO!!!

CK in California