CK in Japan Summer 2011, Part 2 SKE48 at TDC Hall

This trip is quickly becoming my “SKE Vacation”, and I will have more SKE fun to report later, but for now…

TDC Hall Show 6/11 SKE48 Team S, 3rd Stage

This was actually the first show I attended after I landed here on Friday. Actually, on Friday I headed down to Tokyo Dome City because a) I was meeting friends who were attending the S2 show, b) I wanted to purchase the Senbatsu Guidebook and Program so I could get some pics to trade. I ultimately ended up with three guidebooks and 4 programs. Immediately people wanted to see my pics, and it seemed EVERYONE wanted Rena! But I got Yukirin, Mayuyu and Tomochin from the guidebook. As for the TDCH pics, I ended up with Sae, Kitarie, Rabu and Rena. I ended up trading my Yukirin and Rena pics for the May sets of Tanamin and Wasamin. Yes, I know that wasn’t the greatest deal in the world, but I mainly collect my oshis. So to me it was worth it.

When I went back on Saturday I saw THOUSANDS of people around TDC and thought WOW, everyone is coming out for this show?!?! It turned out there was a BOOWY concert at Tokyo Dome at the same time, so you had a double crowd scene. The rock fans and the AKB fans inter-mingling :hehe:

I knew where the Super Enpou booth was, and I was happy that a familiar face (the short guy who has worked at the theater forever) was manning the booth. He smiled when he saw me coming in his direction. For some reason they made the Super Enpou ticket people wear wristbands, so everyone though I had been to the noon RS show!

There were 4 Super Enpou winners, and we had first row just off of the left-side aisle. The other three were speaking chinese, since I can’t differentiate the dialects they could have been from China, or maybe Taiwan. Two were a couple, and the dude seemed completely disinterested in the entire show.

Anyhow, aside from SDN1 this is my favorite current stage. The setlist is just awesome all the way through. Although I have listened to the S3 album in my car many times, and I have an LOD, I have never really watched the choreography before. The dance numbers were excellent! It made me love S3 even more than I already do. Since I was the only non-asian in the front row I was hoping to catch some of the girls’ attention, especially Masanya <3 . But as much as I tried to make eye contact with her I never caught her glancing back to me. Even when she came down to the edge of the stage RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, she never looked down

However, I did have some brief interactions with Kanako, Rikako, Yuka, Yuria and the Kenkyuusei that was performing. But the best was at the very end when the paper hearts came down from the ceiling. the girls picked up the ones that landed on the stage and tried to toss them to the fans. Rena grabbed one and tried to give it to me, but she missed and it flew away to my left :fp:

This, and my experience with the girls at Yomiuriland gave me resolve to try and win an SKE show at Sunshine. And finally, after multiple tried on multiple trips, for the first time I have finally won! I am off to see Team S tonight in Nagoya!

Team B/Team 4/RS Show 6/12 (my 26th theater show)

Last trip I saw A6 with 13/16 A girls present (No Rabu, Harugon or Kojiharu). Now I am getting to see B5. But with only 6 actual B members in the show. The roster was an even split of B/4/kks. But that was okay since MY Team B Oshi is Komorin, who would be performing. Plus, I was getting a chance to see some of the newer kks. But hang on….

4 hours before the show, tgsk announces a last minute change. NO MIKAPON!!! :cry2: Oh no! Now what am I gonna do. To me one of the best parts of a show is to have a girl you really like performing, and cheering the hell out of her for two hours. Without Komori, I had no idea who I would cheer for. Amina? Nacchi? Chikarina? How about Minarun? I had never seen her perform before, and I really want to like her. But the newer member I really like is Mariyagi since she reminds me so much of Oh-yay appearance-wise.

So I got to the theater about 45 minutes before curtain. There weren’t many people up there at all. But many of the people milling around were taking snapshots of Eguchi Aimi’s new pic on the wall   At the 30 minute mark they had A LOT OF no-shows, and not very many cancel machi in the lobby either. I didn’t catch the count, but I know for tainai it got to at least 100. So my guess is all cancel machi made it into the show. Keep that in mind if you ever get a high cancel machi number. In the past I have gotten in with CM #139.

So without a clear favorite I would merely analyze the girls, especially the newer ones. Some thoughts…

Kojima Natsuki is soooo cute. I love this girl already. I want to see more of her.

Erena SaeedYokota does not look Japanese at all. That is an arabic name right? She looks more middle-eastern than anything else. She is cute. Not to mention Rena Kato, who reminds me a lot of Kayano.

Miorin is such a trip to watch. I am not a big fan, but I will admit she is cute, and very interesting. Every mannerism is just too adorable. Her legs are soooo skinny! Seeing her standing next to Amina was very funny.

Why isn’t Chikarina more popular? She has such great stage presence. And I think she is becoming so much prettier as she gets older. I just don’t get why people don’t notice her more.

Minarun didn’t grab my attention like I thought she would. Just not as genki as the rest. On the other hand, Shiorin was very good. Hard to believe it is the same girl playing the “heavy” on MG.

Myao was Myao. Always good for a few laughs. Nacchi looks like the Team Mom up there.

By the way, I ended up cheering hardest for Mariyagi and Amina through the show.

The hi-touch went very fast, and many of the kks didn’t come out since it was a night-show. No special reactions, although all of the B-girls said “Thank You” to me without skipping a beat. I had only met Myao and Amina before, and that was two years ago! I had done hi-touch once before with Miorin, so I didn’t have much history with any of them. Oh well.

I’m glad I got to see this stage. So now I have seen the new A and B, plus I saw 5 songs from the new K at Yokohama last year. So I feel “almost” complete with the “new” material.

Maybe it was that so many regular B girls were missing, but this just strengthened my belief that SDN is BY FAR the best show at the Donki. BY FAR! The energy, the interaction, the fan excitement. I know many of you make the trip out here, and many only apply for AKB shows. Big mistake!

Go see SDN, you will not be disappointed.

CK in Tokyo