CK in Japan, Summer 2011…The Big Handshake Event!

One more event before I head back to Cali…

AKB48 Chara-ani handshake event for Sakura ki ni Narou at Makuhari Messe 6/19 (rescheduled from 4/10)

This was the reason I scheduled, or should I say rescheduled this trip in the first place. I had 21 handshake tix for this event alone. In addition to my usual girls, I had also scored tix for Acchan, Sasshi, Yui and Churi. So there was no way I would miss this. At these events your time with the members is “usually” a bit longer, so I needed to come up with good stuff to say! By the way, I say “usually” since there was one particular linebeing moved unusually fast…and it wasn’t Acchan’s!

I caught a 6:15am train out of Shinagawa because I wanted to get there early for two reasons. One, Wasamin had an early time slot, which conflicted with my Sasshi and Acchan tickets. I knew if I got stuck in those lines I might miss out on my Wasamin-time. And two, tgsk announced the Team-Z CD would be available at the event, and I wanted to get it before they sold out. When I got to the venue the line wasn’t too long, so I knew I was in good shape. I would hoof it over to the goods table as quickly as I could. I got everything I wanted, including four microfiber towels for Moeno, Wasamin, Mikapon and Acchan (I shouldhave gotten Yui, I don’t know what I was thinking) They didn’t have any Wasamin keychains , so I got Komorin’s instead, I also picked up the AKB XX DVD and of course, two copies of the Team Z CD (which DID sell out quickly!) Then I jogged over to Acchan’s line…Only three people in queue, SCORE!!!

In not necessarily chronological order, my handshake experiences…

Acchan: Was fashionable 20 minutes late to the 1st slot, which worried me! I need my Wasamin time! in the meantime Harugon offered to sub for her which got a big laugh, and Sayaka was talking to the Acchan fans. She spoke to me in English and asked if I was from the US. Jeez Sayaka, this is my fifth time talking to you. Don’t you recognize me yet??? Anyway, it was a cool move for Sayaka and Harugon to entertain us while we waited. Acchan eventually came out…limping badly. She is definitely injured, oh no! Her limp was worse than Akicha’s, who I saw later on. I told Acchan that I loved Moshidora (which I saw the previous day) and I wished her good luck with Flower. She was very genki (it was still early), was shaking my hand and waving to me at the same time. Acchan is very cute. Good experience.

Sasshi: I also lined up for her early in the 2nd slot, so I was like 15th in line. When I came up to her she said Whoa,Hello! I said “Sashihara quality, sugoi!” She asked me something, and I was trying to spit out a response, but before I could I got pushed out by staff. Sasshi said “Okay, goodbye!” That staff was too overzealous, no way that was 10 seconds!!! Too bad.

Mikapon: Mikapon is always a tough read. I can never tell if she remembers me or not. But I had three tickets for her (one in each of the first three slots), and on the second one she acknowledged it was my second visit, and on the third she seemed really happy to see me again. I talked to her about her blog, that I loved her DVDs, and wished her luck with watarirouka 7. She is funny, she usually repeats what I say to her. It is very cute. I ended it with IwaKomo ichiban desu!

Churi: I didn’t have much to say to Akane, in fact I don’t remember what I said. I think I told her where I was from, and that I love SKE. Something like that. But she is just too damn adorable! She kept saying Arigato Arigato! the entire time. I had never met her before, so this was really an introduction meeting.

Haachan: I also had three Haachan tickets, and she definitely remembered me this time judging by her expression in my first session. I think she gets that I really like her considering I often get multiple Haachan tix. By the third ticket, she seemed really excited! I told her I wanted another MINT song. Told her where I was from and my name. And I told her that I thought she was such a great singer! Haa is always on my top priority list at these events because she is so cool!

Wasamin: IS LOVE!!! I lost count of how many times Wasamin said “I Love You” to me in our five meetings. The feeling is mutual. I was so happy to see that her line never got empty (a lot of girls’ lines did) I apologized to her for sending birthday and valentine’s cards in English, which she said she didn’t mind at all. I told her which comments on her blog are mine (hopefully she notices) I told her that I loved her Iwakomo DVD. Of course I reminded her she is my oshimen. I know she knows me, but I wondered if she actually remembered my name or not, so I reminded her. Whenever I was in line for her, she would turn and glance at me in between each fan in front of me. Damn, do I adore her!

On my last ticket, i started to get teary. This was my last chance to see her this trip, so I waited until almost the end of her slot, got myself together, and went for it. For the last of five tix, I told her that I loved her, that I always cheer for her, and that she makes me so happy. I ended with saying that I would come back to see her near Christmas…

As I left something told me to turn around 2-3 seconds later, I did…and she was still looking at me and smiling! <3 If I only had this onbe experience, the entire event would have been worth it. If wasamin had a longer slot, I swear I would get 20 tix for her alone! After this I went to lunch…

Moeno (2 tix): It is extra-special when the girls remember you. Moeno is one who I have seen a few times before, but hadn’t established that “I know you” relationship yet. So I was pleasantly surprised when this first thing she said to me was “Hey, remember you!” WIN! I didn’t want to play the “Bungee” card with her again, So instead I answered her question of where I was from. I also told her that I loved “Hyaku mile” But I was just so happy that she now knows me :D

Masanya (2 tix): I have spent this entire week getting to know Masanya, so by now we are like old chums! (hehe) I told her how much I loved Sunshine Sakae, and it was my first time going there. I also told her that I loved her version of Kareha no Station. I then thanked her, and told her I would see her soon. Yes, after 4 meetings with her at three different events, I think it is safe to say I have made a new “friend” in the AKB family. And now Masanya is officially my SKE oshi!!!

By the time the last slot came along, I was dead tired. But I still had 3 tickets left. Two for Tanamin and one for Yui. I would get them done quickly and get the hell out of Chiba!

Yui: Was a great first-time meeting! In fact, I’m not sure I have even seen Yui before. But the look of surprise when she first saw me was priceless. She immediately asked where I was from, and if I lived in Tokyo. I told her I was on holiday, and that I thought Otabe-san was Kakkoi!!! She was very gracious, and sweet, and totally adorable! With that one meeting she just flew way up in my pecking order.

Tanamin: was wearing the cutest Majijo inspired seifuku dress, with red boots and a huge strawberry earring. I told her that Tanamin no fashion was kakkoi, and that she was very cute. She kept asking “You like? Cute? Cute?” I was of course affirming. At the Beginner hs event my experience with her was slightly awkward, but this time was much better.

At the end it was bittersweet because this would be my last akb event for this trip. I was so happy to see an old friend (SDN fan) as I was leaving the venue! It cheered me up. I also met one of the guys from Nihongogo, and hung out with a guy who goes to school in San Francisco. (he does occasionally post here too) So it was a very cool day for so many reasons.

But now it is time to stuff all of my goods into my suitcase and head home, but i will be back again soon :D

I will post my photos, goods, and other little tidbits after I get home.

CK in Tokyo

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