CK in Japan Fall 2011, Part 3…My Most Amazing Theater Experience…Ever!

Check out the new billboard outside of Akihabara Station, and very close to the AKB48 Cafe.  AKBaby…LOLZ!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I finally won a show at the AKB48 Theater.  SDN48, and Chenchu’s birthday celebration.  I have never won fewer than 2 theater shows on a trip, and I didn’t win anything for SKE.  So I have a week left to try to win at least one more.  But before that…

When I reported on my last trip in June, I had promised to post all of my “Gets”.  However, I completely bricked on it.  So let’s get this out of the way early.  I have actually purchased a few more things that I have yet to take photos of.  I picked up the new releases from Not Yet and SKE48.  I have also gotten a few DVDs, and a bunch of random photos.  And here are a couple of items I am particularly excited about…

SKE Halloween photosets.  Ooh, scary…but cute!  I got Masanya and Churi

The DumpShow DVD was high on my priority list.  I was happy it wasn’t sold out when I got here.  Also, I finally found an autographed version of Wasamin and Komorin’s DVD, for about one-third of what they go for on Yahoo Japan Auction.

Anyhow, back to the action.  I won a show, and even I didn’t know how special my evening was about to be…

SDN48 Yuuwaku no Garter Performance 11/17

Finally I won a show this trip!  My 28th theater show all time, and 11th SDN show.  I was beginning to get worried.  But fate somehow works in mysterious ways.  Remember last weekend I lost out on a bunch of Ohori Megumi handshake tickets because she cancelled for the event…

I won via Ippan , which I like a lot more than Enpou because you have the chance to get a really good seat via the lottery.  Enpou is always last seated row center.  That said, I have ALWAYS had horrible lottery luck when it comes to the AKB48 theater.  I have only once been as close as the 4th row, and that time I had one of the pillars blocking about 75% of the stage view.  Twice I have been the last person into the theater.  I went upstairs around an hour before the show because I wanted to see the birthday committee and their flower arrangement.  I have been to every Chenchu birthday show for SDN, so I actually know a few of the committee members.  Anyhow, the flowers were beautiful, and I was glad to see a few friends there for the show.

I got ticket #46, and went to queue up.  I passed the time by filling out a Yui birthday card and figuring out how the birthday glowsticks were going to work within the show.  By the way, they are now playing SDN songs on the sound system before the show. I know that sounds appropriate. But in the early days of SDN they used to play soft jazz, which I always thought was a totally cool move, not to mention fitting for the theme. Some sexy Jazz, YEAHHH!  They eventually started the seat lottery, #160-169 were called in first.  Oh well, this will surely be another horrible seat for me…

2nd call, #40-49.  OMFG!!!!  I am going to have a great seat.  I hustled in as quickly as I could (you aren’t allowed to run in the theater)  Most of the front row was taken, but 2nd row center was available.  Just as I was about to sit down I noticed the two guys front and center were sitting on 3 seats.  So I jumped up there and grabbed the seat in between.  Front row freakin’ center baby!!!  I didn’t care that I was sandwiched in between these two guys.  This show was going to be awesome!!!

So rule #1:  When big gaijin is sitting front row center, he is going to get plenty of attention from the girls.  Now I know this might be a very silly time to complain, but being in this position actually made things complicated.  Meetan is my oshimen, so obviously I am going to pay attention to her.  But Hatakeyama Chisaki was there, as was Akiko and of course Chenchu.  I have developed “relationships” with all of them.  Who do I pay attention to?  Who do I scream for?  Will Chaki be unhappy if she is looking at me and I am paying attention to Tan?  Or vice-versa?  Not to mention it seemed as if Akita Kazue and Kohara Haruka were fixated on me through the entire show.  Same with Kondo Sayaka…and Kato Mami.  My head was on a freakin’ swivel!

But I’ll tell ya, with the girls practically performing on top of me, it made the show even more amazing.  I twas also great doing the hand gestures with members doing them right back at me.  A few highlights…

Meetan had her antics in overdrive tonight.  First lusting after Mana Ito during the MC with Nachu.  Then during the late MC having to be held back from attacking Chen when she layed on the floor.  Chen actually kissed the stage, lied down, then Meetan went after her doing “The Pantsu Dance”  You had to see it.  It was so silly!  Later during Vampire, Meetan winked at me and stuck her tongue out, then she licked Yukarin!  By the way, I didn’t see this but apparently Meetan’s bra snapped during “Best By”, and she had to run offstage before her top fell off.  She talked about it on her blog right after the show.  If only…

Here is a link to her blog post with a couple of pics of her “wardrobe malfunction”.

“I’m Sure” was done by Mamitan and Kohara.  I had never seen that pair do that song before.  Also, this was a U-18 show, although I didn’t really see anyone under 18 in the audience.  But that meant I got to see the PG-rated version of “Futsuu no Anata”.  I actually did the crossed-arm “X” along with the girls.  I don’t know if the fans normally do that, but it just felt like the thing to do.   Chen did “Yuuwaku no Garter” with Yukarin and Kazue.  I was hoping this would be my chance to get a garter.  But it wasn’t even close.  Chen came down the middle and heaved her garter about 4 rows back!

High-Touch was great, although they were pushing us through very quick.  I got the best reactions from the girls I mentioned above…Kazue, Kohara, Akiko, Sayanee (finally!), Chaki, Yukarin (who might have remembered my antics at her DVD event last year) and finally Meetan, who like usual gave my hand a quick squeeze.

So it’s funny how things work out.  Here I was all bummed out that I didn’t get to do handshakes with Meetan last weekend, and today I probably got more Meetan facetime than I would have gotten with all of the handshake tickets combined!  Go figure.

Without a doubt, and to no surprise for obvious reasons, that was the best SDN48 show I ever saw!

CK in Tokyo

8 thoughts on “CK in Japan Fall 2011, Part 3…My Most Amazing Theater Experience…Ever!

  1. Are you allowed to just walk into the AKB48 shop in Akiba or do you have to make a reservation like the Harajuku one (or has that arrangement been scrapped now)?

    Great 3 entries so far from your latest trip.

  2. Thanks…you can just walk in to the shops, no reservation required. By the way, there are two. One on each side of the cafe.

    You DO need to make reservations for the mini-theater at the cafe. But if it doesnt sell out you can walk up when they open and reserve a spot for that day.

    For the cafe itself, you just queue up. Generally speaking, weekdays aren’t too crowded. The crowd gets bigger the later it gets in the day. Evenings, weekends and holidays are packed.

  3. I’m loving your blog man, was meant to see you before you flew off but I’ll get in touch when you’re back, i’m so envious!! MEETAN!!!

    Keep having fun and good luck with those comps

    Liverpool B in Oakland *^_^*

  4. So nice that you got to go to the SDN48 theatre show!
    When I was in Japan the last time (from Dec 25th-Jan 9th), most things were on a winter break, but I was able to go to SDN’s 4th single handshake event in Zepp Tokyo!
    It started with performances of all the new songs + 3 songs from previous singles. Mino Monta was there for the song and press release. After that came the handshake session, and they divided all 39 girls in 10 groups of 3-4 members. Of course all the popular members were put in different groups, because you had to pre-order or buy a copy on the spot for 1 handshake. I had preordered 2 but bought a third one on the spot.
    I wanted to go to Serina, Kohara, Noro & Ohori, but they were all in different groups, so I had to decide and went to the first three. Since there were other members in each group as well, I also got to meet Chen Chuu and Shiyeon (of the ones I like). And, they were wearing the outfits from the PVs ^_^

    I should write a blogpost about this to go more into detail ;p


  5. Yeah, thinking about it afterwards, I should’ve just bought another copy and go to Meetan’s group as well… 🙁 her line was pretty long ;p (Nachu was also in her group)
    Nope, didn’t meet Chaki, she was in Yukarin’s group.
    I went to 3 groups which consisted of: Serina, Shiyeon & Kimoto. Kohara, miray, Chen & Umeda. Nonti, Fukuda, Akiko & Koujo.
    If I would’ve gone to Meetan’s group, I would’ve also met Okouchi, Nachu & Kaida.
    I’ll write up a post later on and put up a picture of the board they put up to see who was in which group.
    The handshakes go really quick even though the queues inside aren’t long at all. Most of the queuing is kept outside.

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