CK in Japan Spring 2012…Return to Big Sight

So after a quiet week, I am back in action beginning with this “little” event…

GM5 Handshake Event at Tokyo Big Sight 4/7


This will be a “mini-experience” post as I originally did not plan to do much at this event. I actually purchased most of my handshake tickets for the 4/8 event. But I figured I would grab a few Wasamin tickets as a “fail safe”, as you never know when an idol might come down with something and miss an event. And as long as I was doing that, might as well get one Mikapon ticket

I scheduled all of my tickets for the morning in hope that if any other idol events come up, I coul be available. Nothing wrong with a little bit of variety. And I am so glad I did, because what might have been the best event of the trip happened last night. But that will have to wait…

BTW, Big Sight is so much easier than having to go all the way to Makuhari Messe. I think pretty much every fan feels this way, unless they live in Chiba. Not to mention Big Sight has many more amenities close to the event space. It also seems like there were even more people there than when I went to the Kazefui event 4 months ago. Just a sea of people everywhere you looked. Miichan’s line was insane, the longest I saw by far!

The experiences:

Mikapon (one ticket): Now that I know what sashiburi means I am noticing how often it is said to me   I wanted to talk to her about wrestling, but I wasn’t sure if the normal word for “wrestle” was used to describe it. But I said it anyway, and Komorin sort of said “Ohhh!” and got into her classic fighting pose. Oops, did I challenge her to a fight and not even know it? Anyway, I said “Kakkoi!” and that was it. I have moe tickets for her today…

Wasamin (five tickets): I needed to come up with a lot of material for 5 tickets. And she looked adorable in her green and white dress…

1. I asked her if she was tired after the Fukuoka concert. She said she was, but was still happy to be there.

2. I said ” you sang Faint?” She paused for a second, like she forgot already. But then said “Hai, fainto” I responded, “the English parts?” and started humming.  I got what I wanted as she then sang the first couple of English lines for me.

3. I asked her about Hillary, and the English phrase she was taught. “We are friends”. She said “Ahh, Hllary! and started laughing” She then pointed to herself and me and asked “Tomodachi desu ka?” which I immeditely affirmed. This is also where I got the one “I Love You” of the day. <3

4. The funniest one of the day. I went in right after one of her female superfans (who I have become friends with. We are both WasaMeetan fans) I pointed to my friend and said “Tomodachi desu.” Wasamin pointed to the guard and said “Tomodachi desu ka?” with a puzzled look, to which all three of us were laughing. Wasamin then punched me on the shoulder. LOL. A punch of affection, too cute.

5. I basically told her she looked beautiful and I would see her tomorrow.

BTW, aside from slot one, Wasamin’s line was pretty big most of the day. I think she is on the verge of becoming a “Six Slot Member”. Good for her!

More to come…

CK in Tokyo

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  1. jealoussssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. I find that I re-read most of these posts right after initally reading them. I do believe now, I’ve started to vicariously live through your tales sir.

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