A Tremendous Honor…and Even Bigger Disappointment

Life has a way of keeping people busy, and this has been a very busy 2012 for me.  Enough that I have wondered whether or not I will be able to make a second trip to Tokyo this year.  If certain things fall into place i will, but there is no guarantee.  That said…

I mentioned on my previous post that I had entered a “good luck” message for Wasamin into the Google+ Grand Prix contest.  I just thought it would be fun to participate, anwho knows.  Maybe I could win that special message if I am lucky.  But then I woke up Monday to a mysterious email…

Dear Applicant,

Thank you very much for applying for the official fan reporter, and
participating in the "AKB48 Grand Prix Search for the #1 Fan."

Considering the number of +1's on your post and registered
information, we would like to offer you the opportunity of becoming an
AKB48 General Election reporter on 6/6.

Please read carefully through the information below.

■Please wait for a phone call between 10:00AM to1:00PM on May
30th(Wed, PST) from a travel agency to the telephone number [
xxx-xxx-xxxx ]  which was registered in the entry form.

* If the telephone number you have registered is not reachable during
the time above, please send us an email immediately with a different
phone number.

■If there is no answer or the call is not returned within the
timeframe listed above, your offer will be canceled and be given to
the next candidate. Please make sure you are reachable by phone.

■Detailed information regarding your arrival to Japan will be given to
you by the travel agency on the phone.

*If by any chance we find that you have not fulfilled or have breached
any terms of participation, your offer will be invalid.

The AKB48 G+ Management Team

OMG, I had won the contest!  This was a dream come true.  I would be going Japan and getting to see the election.  This is going to be the most ama…..

And then life came into play.

To say that I feel devastated…totally in agony would be an understatement.  But given certain issues in my life right now it was just going to be irresponsible to jet out to Tokyo…even for just a few days.  I was practically in tears when I had to tell the contest reps that I would have to give up the prize.  What could have been one of the most amazing experiences in my life has turned out to be one of the most painful…go figure.  But I’ll get over it…

At least I hope I will.

Anyway, I want to congratulate Joe from We’re Namba One for getting the prize in my place.  Have an awesome time dude!  Maybe you can bring me back a little something (like Wasamin!) for giving you the prize.

I guess everything happens for a reason.  But right about now I could really use something wonderful happening in my life.  For having to give up an amazing prize like this, I think I deserve it.

CK in California


4 thoughts on “A Tremendous Honor…and Even Bigger Disappointment

  1. Sorry to hear about that dude. Congrats are still in order since you still did get first.

  2. oh man that is truly a kick in the ****! So sorry to hear that, and hope the curveball life has thrown at you has been resolved for the better.

    Finger’s crossed they will follow up with you next time as they can surely understand you’d never give up that opportunity unless you really had to

  3. Hi Brian,

    actually the reason I couldn’t go wasn’t a bad thing at all. In fact it was a very good thing. I may post about it here in the near future. It doesn’t directly relate to AKB.

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