Acchan Does Honshu

I have been loving the Maeda Atsuko segment in the last two episodes of AKBingo!  In many ways it is reminiscent of Ohori Megumi traveling around Japan to sell copies of Amai Kokansetsu.  However, this version is so much more good-natured.  Well, it least it has been so far.  Atsuko is venturing to the homes of random fans and delivering a framed autographed photo of the cover of her latest PB!  If you haven’t seen these segments yet, they are really cute!

And it’s off to the first stop to meet Kenta, a 19-year old student from Tokyo.

Wow!, this kid really loves Atsuko!  He is almost speechless!  But can you really blame him?  I swear I would be a blabbering idiot if she showed up at my door!  So I guess part of the bit is that the winner gets to choose something that Acchan gets to do for him.  Oh god, the possibilities!  Come to think of it, my apartment could use a bit of a cleaning…

So Kenta picks lunch!  Ehhhhhhh?  I guess he did look a bit on the skinny side.  And the term “starving student” didn’t come from nowhere.  So Atsuko is off to the market.

I gotta say, Atsuko cooking while the students look on is a “turn on”!  However it becomes apparent early that her cooking skills are about on par with my idol skills.  Atsuko has the director taste the food first, which didn’t go all that well.  Not to fear, our little chef has the solution…

Lots and Lots of ketchup.  Oh gawd!

It’s the dreaded Omelette Rice!  One would think that would be easy to make!

I don’t give a damn if she can’t cook.  I’d like to marry her right about now!

Oh, this guy is trained well.  Rule #1  If the food isn’t good, lie your ass off!  You know what, Kenta is PERFECT for her!  He is a cute guy, and he absolutely adores her.  Kenta and Atsuko would make a cute couple.  Sadly for him, she is off to see the next winner.  A sixteen year old fan in Ibaraki-ken.

Yeah sure.  Acchan is crisscrossing Honshu on the JR East?  Why do I get the feeling there is a nice and comfortable van just out of the picture?

This kid really lives in the “sticks”!!!  We don’t get too many idols round these parts!

Note to self: Always leave front door open just in case random idol decides to make a surprise visit.

Sadly our next winner isn’t quite as “stylish”…

But his room is definitely an AKB48 shrine.  That has to be odd for  Acchan to see so many photos of herself plastered around the kid’s room.  The 2009 AKB48 calendar in the foreground is a nice touch.  Do you get the feeling many “impure” thoughts about Atsuko have been dreamed up in that very bedroom?  Me too.

A mini solo concert in his bedroom?  This kid has to be beside himself.  I know I would be…

I would love to make fun of him.  But I am sure I would be as giddy as a schoolgirl if this was happening in my apartment.  And the bottom line?  SCOREBOARD!  He has Acchan visiting his home, I don’t.  16-year old from Ibaraki-ken wins!

I really love this segment.  And I can’t wait to see who she goes to visit next week…

(CK raises hand)  Hey, right here!  I bought the book!!!

CK in California

3 thoughts on “Acchan Does Honshu

  1. Dude, I didn’t even know this segment had been happening! That’s really cool. I like that she’s been visiting young fans – not because I think the wota are freaky or anything, but because it’s cool that they’re showing that AKB do indeed *have* young fans. And attractive ones like that first guy. Damn.

    Lolol at singing to the second guy, what did she sing?

  2. Skirt, Hirari…they have lots of young fans. And lots of girl fans too. It will be pretty interesting if she shows up at a girl’s house. But I doubt they will do any segments at a middle aged wota’s house. Too strange!

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