CK in Japan Part 6…A Quick Visit To Makuhari to Play With SKE48

There were a lot of AKB-related events happening on Wednesday the 29th.  But I was going to be busy with Wasamin all day, so I couldn’t go to any other event.  Or could I?  The Hatsuzake release events didn’t start until 2:30pm.  Even though I wanted to be in the early queue for the seat lottery, it still gave me time to head over to Chiba for SKE48’s handshake event…



SKE48 Coquettish Juutai Chuu Individual Handshake event 2015/04/29 at Makuhari Messe

For me this was really just a mini-event. The 29th also happened to be Wasamin’s big release event in Shibuya. As a result I could only stay for The first two handshake slots. I suppose I could have snuck in a handshake in Slot 3 but I didn’t want to chance it. The nice thing is that keeps the application page open even after the initial lottery is done. That was if someone later decides they want to get tickets for the event they can provided the member they want isn’t sold out. Luckily everyone I like in SKE wasn’t sold out. On the other hand, most everyone I like was scheduled in the afternoon and evening. The only member in my “must see” list that had an early handshake time was Kaotan. No matter, I would take advantage of this situation and check out members I have had an interest in, but have never met…

I got to the venue around 8:15, which should give me plenty of time for the ole’ “foreigner ticket stamp” procedure. However, the place wasn’t open yet. Huh??? They usually open at least an hour early. Furthermore, there were only 9 people queued up to get in, and maybe another 30 milling around the hallway. Jeex, this is pretty pathetic. Then I realized that the first slot is a short slot, and pretty much every member scheduled that early could be classified as “not popular”. No wonder! Anyway, they finally opened the doors at 8:50. I went straight to the information booth….

Now let’s put that unfounded rumor about SKE events and foreigners to bed right now. This was even more painless than the Green Flash event. The guy running the booth completely understood the foreigner address issue. He took the time to explain it to the entire staff using my tickets and passport as an example. He stamped my tickets and I was on my way. So to answer the recently repeated concerns about foreigners being able to use tickets with SKE. It’s not a problem…at all!

Anyway, there were 13 lanes available, and not a line in any of them. Even in the 40 minute window before last call in Slot one I could have easily visited EVERY SINGLE open lane with time to spare. But I had only two tickets.



My first visit was to Takagi Yumana (Team KII), who I have actually met before on a few occasions. However, it had been a while so I’m not sure if she remembered me. She looked kinda tired, just sitting there by herself wearing a sweatshirt. She pepped up a bit when she saw me coming down the lane. The problem is that I have no idea what to say to her since she barely participates in anything. I essentially told her that she was my favorite member of Team KII (not completely true she is my 3rd favorite behind Kaotan and Anna) and that I was rooting for her. She thanked me, and I was on my way. I immediately went down to the last lane to use my other Slot 1 ticket on a girl I have heard good things about. And she is good on TV…



Koishi Kumiko (Team E): Slot 1? No line? I thought there was a buzz going on for Kumichan. She’s every bit as genki as you would think. Completely appreciated that I came to see her, exclaiming “HAPPY!”. I asked her if she speaks English well, since I heard around this forum that she was fluent. Let’s put that rumor to bed too. She might know a little English. But she is not the least bit fluent. I would say Mikitty AND Tani have a better grasp of the English language. But hey, don’t let that stop you from meeting her since she’s a sweetheart.

Okay, so it is now 9:07 and I have finished my tickets in slot 1. What to do? I noticed a tiny area with three tables set up for six Seitansei committees. Three of them were open. I was hoping someone I like was represented over there, aside from Ishida Anna whose card I signed at the Green Flash event. Luckily Yakata Miki’s committee was there. Just what I was hoping for! I wrote a nice little message and was sure to sign it from MISTER CHRIS. If you read my Green Flash report you will understand why I did that. After that I decided to queue up for goods while the line was still short…

It was a good strategy. I was 11th in line. By 10AM the line was pretty big. Unfortunately the goods selection was really lame. A few senbatsu member towels and t-shirts. Oshi-badges, and photo packs. Oh well, I will grab a few photopacks. Maybe I will get some Tani, Mikitty or Kaotan pics. While waiting in line I was watching the goods staff going though this painstaking and IMO completely unecessary procedure with the oshi badges. They would take them out of boxes, they would put them back into the boxes, they would write something on the bag and put them back into the box. Someone else would come along, take them out of the box and put others in the box. This went on for over 45 minutes, and it made the booth open late. Meanwhile, I had a great idea. I’m going to buy a Kaotan badge. After all, I am seeing her in Slot 2. Oh, and I got a great photo draw. No Kaotan, but I got Tani, Mikiity, Anna, Masanya, Churi, Dasu, Rena. I was happy. Meanwhile, Slot 2 already started…



Yamashita Yukari (Team KII) Of course I wanted to meet Neymar. I actually find Yukapi to be strangely attractive. Anyway, I played up the Neymar angle. Told her her Portuguese was great. (Not sure how good it really was, just trying to make conversation and be complimentary) She was trying to talk to me in English. It was cute. I had one more ticket. As always with Kaotan, it was time to prepare…



Matsumura Kaori (Team KII) I put on my Kaotan badge. Planned what to say and headed in. She had a humidifier on full blast right next to her. She saw me coming and immediately recognized me from the weekend. She pulled my hands into her cross-armed handshake. I immediately thanked her for the autograph, it meant so much to me. At this point she notices the badge, says “hey!”, and….

She rips the badge off of my shirt! Points to it and says “Where is your name???” I then noticed there is a spot where you are supposed to write your name. She repeats “Your name here!” “Write Chris here!”. For a minute I thought I wasn’t getting the badge back. :yikes: As I get pushed out she thanks me, then exclaims “Ikemen!” (liar!), and then “Nice Guy!” which she repeated twice. Never a dull moment with Kaotan!

It was 10:15AM, great! I would have plenty of time to get to Shibuya for Wasamin’s events. But first I had to meet @ShiningOjisan who I hadn’t seen in quite a long time. The nice thing was he drove me back to Tokyo so we could at least have time to catch up in the car.

And off I went to Shibuya!


CK in Tokyo

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