Wasamin Singin’ the Oldies…Live on NHK

Oftentimes it can be an extremely dispiriting endeavor being an AKB48 fan who oshis Wasamin.  Everyday there seems to be something new going on with the group, and rarely…RARELY does Wasamin get to participate.  It’s a good thing she has her solo career.  Even if the majority of 48-group fans pay her no mind since she isn’t one of the “chosen few”, not to mention she sings Enka (da hahrer!), those of us in the know have gotten to witness the blossoming career of a highly talented young singer.  So while you won’t find h front and center at any AKB48 concerts, you WILL find her taking center stage for NHK’s many live concerts.  Wasamin has participated in quite a few of those shows is Summer, even servine as a co-MC for one show.  Misaki-chan has treated us to some incredible performances of some all-time classics.

First up, a duet.  Wasamin sharing the stage with another young Enka talent, 16-year old Sakura Maya.  Together they performed an amzing rendition of the 1955 classic “Suki ga Totte mo Aoi Kara”, originally recorded by Tsugawara Tsuzuko in 1955.


Wasamin has mentioned that she grew up with her grandparents living in the same house, and they had a huge influence on her choosing the path of Enka singer.  In any case, I am always impressed whenshe performs a classic selection like that one.  Speaking of classics…

Wasamin and a pack of genki cheerleaders peforming Matsuda Saeiko’s 1981 hit “Natsu no Tobira”


Misaki once again showing she can sing in many different styles.  The ripple effect of this performance was that it got me started perusing through Matsuda’s song catalog, and I have found a bunch of songs I am really excited about.  So I will very likely be starting a Matsuda Seiko CD collection sooner than later.  Anyway…


This is an older performance, but definitely worth checking out.  Wasamin performing Naoko Ken’s hit song “Abayo” from 1976.  Very pretty song, and Misaki-chan does a great job with it!


Of course Wasamin wants to promote her own records.  So here is the latest live performance of her 4th single, “Hatsuzake”

This is why I decided to start blogging about more than my trips. I really don’t think enough people are seeing what progress Wasamin in making in the “real world” of music. Hopefully I will have more performances to show in the near furure. And hopefully these YouTube videos stay up for a while.


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  1. Wow, Wasamin knocked Abayo out of the park! I went and listened to an original version and she nailed it really well! I am soooo impressed! She’s truly the best.

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