[Blogs] Chuo Dori is a New J-Pop Blog

Oops, using this domain to write a post is just like doing writeups for International Wota!

Okay, it’s time to take this new blog for a spin. Welcome to Chuo Dori, my new site. I have been posting for the past nine months on Vox at CK’s H!P Blog. This past Summer I as invited to contribute to IW. More recently I as promoted to editor, which means I get to have some input on decisions made regarding the site…cool! Let me start by thanking Ray for inviting me to his domain. All of the admins at IW have been so helpful and friendly. Thanks to Broomhead for recommending me. To pengie and Maize for helping me figure out the site. For so long I wanted to be a contributor to that site. And I love doing it.

Now about this blog…I named it Chuo Dori because of AKB48. I know that street runs through Akihabara, and I was under the impression it was where the Don Quixote Theater was located. But alas, I believe I was mistaken (LOL!)  As a result the focus of this blog will be…you guessed it, AKB48!!! I’m not sure what I am going to do with my Vox site. One thought was to continue to do Hello! Project posts over there, and everything else here. Then again, I don’t know if I post often enough to need two blogs! If I leave Vox it will be bittersweet as I have a love/hate relationship with it. But it is where I got started, so it holds a soft spot in my heart.

So building this site will be a slow process. I need a banner, add some widgets, and figure out how the hell it all works. The first posts I have planned are reviews of the latest AKB48 stages. I finally figured out how to screencap. So I am looking forward to that enhancement.

Alright, let the fun begin!!!

CK in California

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  1. Yay! An AKB48 blog! 😀 😀 😀 Plus, I can actually comment in your posts now! Awesomeness. Good luck, and keep up the great job!

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