Wasamin Events in October/November: Fan Club Live, Live on NHK, and Live at Ueno Park’s Ninja Fest

It has been a big weekend for Wasamin and her fans. Friday night she kicked off Yamano Music’s Ginza Enka Matsuri. Tonight (Saturday) was her second Fan-club premium live which was split into three segments to keep it intimate and fit all the fans who wanted to attend. We were treated to cosplay, a 10+ song performance, one-shot photo session, 2-shots, and there were Fan-club exclusive goods available. I will give you a quick preview….


Sunday she will make a quick trip down to Kobe to appear at the Kobe Vissel soccer match, then back to Tokyo for recod store appearances in Shibuya and Ikebukuro on Monday and Tuesday.

Wasamin appeared on NHK Utacon last night, along with Nogizaka46. I was in the audience with @Tensai For me it was my first time seeing Nogizaka. Wasamin didn’t do any solos, she sang along with other artists, and did a lot of backdancing. Nonetheless it was a really good show…


Not sure how long these will stay up…


Shamisen Boogie Woogie.
Wasamin w/ Ichikawa Yukino, Kawano Natsumi, Kudo Ayano, Nishida Ai, Moriyama Aiko, & Nogizaka46 as backdancers

Geisha Waltz (Wasamin sings on this one too)

Oh, and one more thing…

Wasamin announced on her blog her 6th single will be released 2017/01/10!!!!

It is called 鯖街道 (Saba Kaido)


And as a bonus, here are a couple of shots from Wasamin’s appearance this weekend at the Ninja Festival in Ueno Park.


Wasamin was the final act of the night, right after Minyo Girls. Remember them? They are the cute traditional idol act (one girl even plays the shamisen!) who sometimes appear with Wasamin. They also belong to Nagara Pro, AND they were recently signed to King Records (heard of them? [hehe] ) After the show Wasamin and Minyo Girls were sharing the same booth for handshakes. Oddly enough, for Wasamin they were only selling copies of Gomen ne Tokyo, probably because it was cold, wet, dark, hardly the appropriate situation for a shamekai event. Minyo Girls, on the other hand were autographing their CD. Plus, you could get a group 2-shot.


I actually had a group-shot with three of them back in January too. I am becoming a Minyo Girls regular!


As a final bonus, a 2-shot from Sunday at Aeontown Yukarigaoka. I am building quite the collection of these from all the pre-ordering! BTW, Wasamin is ready for London. She asked if any of us were flying out with her, and we all said no. :p



CK in Tokyo