Iwasa Misaki Christmas Dinner Show at Hotel Nikko Tachikawa (2016/12/17) (featuring Sasaki Isao and Hayabusa)

Part 14 of my Catch-up Series…


This is an event I have been anticipating ever since it was announced. Well…this and her OTHER Christmas Dinner Show which is taking place Christmas Eve in Kanagawa. A lot of idols have done dinner shows, in fact Sasshi just did one a couple of weeks ago. And I thought Wasamin’s was expensive? I think Sasshi’s cost like double of what this show went for (22000 yen) I would also need to get a suit for the occasion, which I needed to buy anyway. There were actually TWO “Christmas Dinners” yesterday as there was also a matinee. However, I chose only to go to the evening show. They were expensive after all.

The other “fun” is booking these events. NagaraPro is sort of “old fashioned” when it comes to their procedures. They hardly use the internet at all. Everything is done via postcard, bank transfer, telephone, fax. It has really made me step up my game when it comes to writing and communicating in Japanese. I mention this because this was one of the first events like this I handled on my own without any help from a Japanese native. I was afraid I might have screwed it up. But my ticket came in the mail, I got my suit, I was ready for the big night…


Tachikawa is about 30 minutes from Shinjuku Station on the Chuo Special Express. I was running slightly late, but I made it to the hotel around 5 minutes after doors opened. After making it up to the third floor, I was directed to the ticket counter, just past a goods booth. Yes, Wasamin and Hayabusa would be holding handshake events after the show. They checked my ticket and escorted me down to Table A, which was right up against the stage. What a great spot! Although I noticed most of the Wasamin fans were at Table C. Eventually another Wasafan sat down next to me, so I was good to go. Next to me was a little old lady, who I think said she was somehow related to Wasamin? I’m not sure, but she DID have a Wasamin lightstick. The champagne flowed for about a half hour, then it was dinner time. Here was the menu….


And here were the dishes…


The Salmon appetizer was excellent. Pumpkin soup was nice, although I usually prefer something a bit saltier. Everything else was good. The funny thing was that they served Olive Oil with the Bread, but I was the only person at the table using it. Finally someone ask me if it was butter. I said no, it is olive oil! After that a few of them started eating it too. After dinner they served more drinks and coffee while there was a small break before the show.

The show finally starts, and of course the MC immediately notices me up front and makes a big deal out of the foreigner in the room. Jeez, just leave me alone! I don’t want to be part of the act! Anyway, Hayabusa and Wasamin came out and did a quick group song, before Wasamin left the stage for Hayabusa. The cool thing was all three of the performers actually walked around the room singing and shaking hands with the tables. Although with Hayabusa only one of the three members came over to our table. I felt kinda dissed by the other two. It was also about this time I noticed at the table next to me a woman who looked like the 40-something year old version of Mayuyu. She seemed to be a big Hayabusa fan.

Eventually it was Wasamin’s turn. I found it interesting that Wasamin came on AFTER Hayabusa. Actually, it is usually how they come out. So I guess in the grand scheme of senpai-kouhai relationships, Wasamin is Hayabusa’s Senpai. Anyway, She opened with Hatsuzake, then proceeded to walk the floor while singing Blue Light Yokohama and Tokyo no Bus Girl. The funny thing was that she came by our table first, and even stared right into my eyes during the first line of the first song, but skipped shaking hands with me and the other Wasamin fan. It wasn’t until the very end that she came back around to us. The real treat was her debut performance of Ishikari Banka, one of the B-sides from her upcoming single. She finished with Mujineki, and it was time for the headliner.

I will be brief with Sasaki-san, but his set was a lot of fun. If you don’t know who Sasaki Isao is he sings a lot of Anime and Tokusatsu theme songs, and he does the voices of many anime characters. He’s been around for 55 years. He is very “Vegas-y”, in fact half the songs he performed were hits by Elvis, Paul Anka, Sinatra, all Vegas Guys. I loved it. Finally he invited Hayabusa and Wasamin back onstage to finish the show. They all performed Silent Night. I was really excited watching Wasamin singing in duet with Sasaki-san. I mean he is such a legend in the business. It is neat to see her perform alongside such amazing people. Oh, and Wasamin’s red Christmas dress was adorable…


The show was over, but now there would be handshakes for anyone who bought CDs. I was bummed though, this was a perfect time to be doing 2-shots with all of her fans in suits, not to mention her outfit. But it was what it was. For my first handshake I told Wasamin that she looked hawt in her dress. She told me I looked “cool” in my suit. She also asked me if I enjoyed the food at dinner. I told her my favorite was the salmon. For the second handshake I was telling her that I also liked Isao-san’s set. Just then she reaches for her phone and startes framing me with it, at first I was trying to figure out what she was doing. Was she taking my picture? At that point she asked me to start talking about Isao-san again. Oh, so she is recording a message for him to see. At that point I got all tongue tied. I wanted to say that he was singing songs my Dad really likes, but I didn’t quite know how to say it in Japanese so it came out like I was saying my Dad was a fan of his. But I corrected myself and said the songs. I then said he was really good and I enjoyed his part of the show. The funny thing was, it ended up being like a one-minute handshake with all the recording.

That was that, and we will do it all over again next weekend. Oh, and Wasamin recently scheduled a THIRD dinner show for February. Jeez, I have started calling her Wasa-thief, because she sure knows how to extract money from my wallet. There is also a Wasamin Bus Tour in February I need to reserve and pay for. Sheesh!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that there was a fluent English-speaking server staffed at my table. I’m not sure if that was a coincidence or by design. But it if was planned, it was an EXTREMELY nice touch by the hotel. :1st: Although to be honest I am pretty much good enough at Japanese these days to be able to handle these situations without a crutch.


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