Christmas Live with Chick Girls, and former SDN48 Member Fukuda Akane (2016/12/20)

Part 15 (and final installment) of my Catch-up Series…

Another former SDN48 member has entered my “idol field of vision”, Fukuda Akane. She is currently the co-leader of an idol group called Chick Girls, who focus mostly on dance, but they do sing as well.

Anyhow, a friend of mine put me on the guest list to see Chick Girls back in August since he was friends with one of the members. I was completely surprised when I saw Akane up there with the rest of the group. I took a couple of chekis with the member who got me in at a discount (Amina) and I ended up talking about the old days with Akane for like 5 minutes or so, but I never took a cheki with her! LOL.

Last night they had their special Christmas Live in Harajuku, this time I got in at a discount by invitation from another member (Anna Minami) since Amina is on hiatus and back in the U.S. (Yep, she’s Americajin) I won’t go into too much about the show. The girls are really good dancers, and their one main song I really like. They also have two junior groups who they introduced last night. They are all good dancers, but my criticism of the show would be that management needs to do a better job of planning out the show. As there was a LOT of lag time, a bit of disorganization, and their sound guy had some major issues. Mics turned off, too low, music too loud, etc. I feel bad though, because their manager is really nice. And he speaks fluent English too. But back to Akane….

I had decided before the show started that I would make sure to take a cheki with Akane when the show ended. But even the cheki session was a bit disorganized. At first they were selling tickets seperately, but then they abandoned that and said just give the member the money for the cheki, LOL. I was trying to decide if I wanted to meet any of the other members besides Akane. I have taken a cheki with Anna Minami before. In fact, she and Akane were the only two who really had a queue. I really liked Mai, she is really cute, a good singer, and just my type. Petite. Same with Alice Takeda, petite and cute.

The moment I went up to Akane she immediately identified me “The SDN fan!” So I told her that I had just seen Chaki’s live event last week (Hatakeyama Chisaki) I told her that my favorite part of the show was when se soloed on “All I Want For Christmas is You” I also asked her what the name of their one main song is, since I like it a lot. The manager was listening, so he told me. A little while later Akane came over to me because she forget to sign my cheki, so she took care of that…

Then, the members all made these special collages, and the fans were playing Janken for them. The first one was Anna Minami, which I actually WON! However, for some strange reason they decided to make it best two out of three between me and some other dude, which I lost. I don’t know why they did that, as they didn’t ever do it any other time. But whatever, I was really mainly interested in Mai’s and Akane’s, and maybe Alice. I lost in the second round with Alice, then I stopped playing because I wa waiting for my other two. However, the manager came over to me and my two friends and asked us to play too. I made it to the final round for Mai, but didn’t win. Akane was last, and whaddya know!


So that made the entire show worthwhile! If you closely at the bottom, Akane wrote my name on it too. Since I won I asked Akane to do another cheki with my holding the collage.  The next thing she did was really cute.  I mentioned that I didn’t have any bags to carry it home in, so she ran backstage and came out with a Don Quijote bag.  Talk about service!


All in all they aren’t really my favorite idol group, but they are very good dancers. And my friend seems to be a really big fan, especially of Anna Minami. So I suppose I will be seeing them from time to time with him.

But nice to see Akane out there having fun and doing some good work. She really shines in this group!

CK in Tokyo