Two Great Books, The Sexiness of Meetan and the Awesomeness of AKB48

This post is a bit late in coming as I received this package about a month ago.  But I felt really lucky to finally get the AKB48 Complete Book 2005-2008, and Ohori Megumi’s PB.

The AKB48 book is really awesome!  I was under the impression that you only got one of the three covers.  But I was surprised to find out that all three covers were included, one for each team.  The cover photos were obviously shot a while ago as Team A’s doesn’t include Mayazaki Miho or Kitahara Rie.

The book includes bios on each member as well as a baby photo.  It also includes a history of the group in pictures, as well as a series of polls voted on by the members.  It is a beautifully photographed book, and a great addition to my AKB48 collection.  I am so glad I have it!

But I was really amazed by Meetan’s photobook.  Geez, they really capitalized on her “pervy princess” personality here.  It’s a smaller photobook (about 5″x8″), but it has an interesting concept, one shot of Megumi in a normal pose, then another shot with the page “ripped” to reveal her undergarments.  Meetan is a real anomaly in the J-pop idol world.  I mean there are plenty of allusions to sex in most of the PB’s of Hello! Project.  The AKB48 gravure models like Nozofisu are a little more daring.  But Meetan, she just flaunts it right out there.  And I love her for it!!!

I really like this photobook, although admittedly some of the pics are hotter than others.  The entire beginning of the book featured Meetan in a mourning dress, which I found quite odd.  But most of the book is simply smokin’!  I know a lot of the fans want their idols to be “virginal”, but I am quite the opposite.  I like the idea that a girl has the ability to go to the “dark” side, and Meetan has that quality in spades!  This is why when I get back to Japan (in 8 1/2 weeks!!!) Megumi will be my choice for a 2-shot.

Because amidst all of the sexiness, she never ceases being a cute idol.  And that’s what I love about her!

CK in California

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