Bananas and Butterflies at JCB Hall

Last night I finally had the chance to watch the JCB Hall shuffle concert from last December.  I really liked this show, perhaps even more than the NHK concert from the month before.  I think the DVD producers did a really good job with the graphics, and the song selection was really good.  There were two performances in particular that I thought were fabulous…

Tonari no Banana is a really cute sounding song.  And it has traditionally been performed by the younger members of AKB48.  Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly it is another one of those “edgy lyriced” tunes performed with utter cuteness.  In it’s various forms, we have seen Oku Manami, Ono Erena, Kobayashi Kana and Kasai Tomomi perform it. So who got to perform the shuffle version in this show???

Ohori Megumi and Noro Kayo, LOLOL!!!!

This is awesome!  Having the oldest girls in AKB48 sing this is another example of the AKB48 producers’ sense of humor.  And the girls are totally hamming it up here.  They know the audience is getting a total kick out of this.

And of course I am in heaven because the lovely Meetan looks so adorable.  I enjoyed this so much!!!  This and the following song, which looked to be a dream pairing…

Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoro no Chouchou is the most overtly sexy songs ever in a stage.  And it is flawlessly performed regularly by Ohori Megumi and Kasai Tomomi in Team K’s 4th stage.  But in this version we get Maeda Atsuko and Kojima Haruna…

Acchan is perfect to play the “lolli” part, but I have never seen Haruna do a performance quite like this before.

I thought Atsuko did a great job.  And for the most part I liked Harunyan.  But I think she missed the mark a bit during the narrative part.  It almost sounded like she was getting flustered!  I give both of them an “A” for effort.  But no one plays the part of the “madam” more perfectly than Meetan.  I mean this is her signature performance.  Tomomi and Megumi were in rare form at the NHK Hall concert a month prior…

Wow!  When I saw that “kiss”, I almost lost it.  Meetan is sooo freakin’ sexy.  And wouldn’t have been cool if Atsuko did to Haruna what Tomomi did to Megumi???

Hell Yeah!

Don’t mind me, I am just fanboying over Meetan in the hot outfit.  She has been looking amazing lately.  I notice her butt is just a little bit rounder than when she first did Amai Kokansetsu.  She has definitely been working out!

Just another excuse to picspam Meetan being sexy, and to show off the awesomeness that is AKB48!

CK in California

2 thoughts on “Bananas and Butterflies at JCB Hall

  1. These 2 were probably the highlights for me as well.
    I found a translation for the new dialogue in “Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoro no Chouchou”

    But have yet to find any translation for the 2 dialogue parts in “Tonari no Banana”
    YT link:

    If anyone have found a translation, or got better Japanese skills than me, please help. =)

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Please!! If you still have that video, upload it again cause it was deleted from youtube! Or pass it to me!! Please!!

    Thanks so much!!

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