HKT48 Bagutte Ijan Individual Handshake Event at Makuhari Messe (2017/05/06)

HKT48 Bagutte Ijan Individual Handshake Event at Makuhari Messe (2017/05/06)

What a wild weekend I just had to bring a close to Golden Week. Over the last three days I have seen tons of idols, went to concerts, events, went to Golden Week events. I am tired out. And my vacation ends tomorrow, ugghh. Back to school/work. Anyway, this was the second HKT individual event in Tokyo to support this single. The first one was in February, and I actually went for two slots. However, I only had tickets for Akiyoshi. I talked about it in a combo report with the Wasamin cheki event back in February.
The great thing about HKT’s handshake event ticketing process is that they do so many resale rounds. I believe they went up to like 29 rounds for this single. It is nice because you can get tickets at almost the last minute. There is hardly a situation where you can’t go because you missed the initial lottery or first resale (Hello AKB!) SKE does something similar, which makes me happy that HKT and SKE are my two favorite 48-group Teams. I actually started with around seven tickets after the initial sale. But after so many resale rounds that eventually grew to 19 tickets. I had at least one ticket to pretty much every HKT member I had any interest in meeting (with the exception of Yamada Marina, who I still say I am going to meet one day) However, two-thirds of my tickets were for Akiyoshi and Fuchigami. In fact, the eight tickets I had for Yuka-chan were the most I have ever had for any member not named Wasamin.

It was a long day. I started in Slot 2, and went through Slot 6. I will go member by member…

Morning Slots

Akiyoshi Yuka (Lane 12) {8 tickets} – The first five tickets I used were all for Akiyoshi. I used the other three Yukachan tickets after Naopon in Slot 4. But before I could even enter the lane for the first time, I was greeted by one of her committee members. This girl is REALLY cute too, and she is friends with a couple of the Wasamin fans. Every time I see her she brings me Yuka-gifts to encourage me to continue supporting her. On this day, among other things, she made a Yuka-chan badge for me with my name on it. So I wore it throughout the day. I tandem-ed with her the first time through the lane, and they talked about me. Akiyoshi had made an orange peel starfish, which was sitting next to her. Anyway, I told Yukachan that I loved her portrayal of Tora-san at the HKT concert, and that she was really cute in the VTR. We also talked about Golden Week. When I mentioned the Gyu Fes I went to she was like “Oh, isn’t that in Odaiba???” At one point Yuka-chan started rubbing my hands, stating that she thinks my hands are quite soft. Is that a compliment? Finally, on my last ticket in the fourth slot she gave me a big “I Love You” as I told her that I would see her next at the ‘Shoot Sign’ events. Aside from Wasamin, I haven’t been this excited about meeting an idol for quite a long time. She’s great!

Kodama Haruka (Lane 1) – I had one ticket for Haruppi in Slot 3. I have long said that I wouldn’t mind meeting her, and I was finally taking my shot. It was touch and go for a while though with her extended hiatus from the group. Her line wasn’t very long, which fans tell me has been an issue since she returned. I wasn’t sure what to say to her though. I was greeted with the slightly surprised “it’s a foreigner” look I am well used to. I essentially said that I was an American, I was happy to finally meet her, and I liked her outfit. She smiled and graciously thanked me. So now I can say that I have met Haruppi.

BTW, Haruppi’s lane was right next to Sasshi. I was interested to see how Sasshi was doing since she had just gone through oral surgery less than a day earlier. Sasshi’s lane had a special sign at the front telling people that she may not be talkative because of the procedure. She was sitting down, and wearing a mask, but was definitely attentive to her fans. Ultimately, she didn’t complete her slots, bailing in the afternoon. But I think everyone was surprised that she made it at all, given the circumstances. So her fans still gave her a nice send off.

Okamoto Naoko (Lane 18) – I was lucky enough to pick up this ticket the day before she announce graduation. After that the fans snatched up all the tickets she had left. Naopon was her usual manic self. She was very excited when I walked in the booth and congratulated her on her decision to graduate. I was going to ask what is next for her, but instead told her I was at SSA and that I really liked her monologue part of ‘Love and Peace’. So happy that I had one last encounter with her before she left.

Those were all of my ‘morning tickets’ Up next was the lunch slot, and I had two tickets, including the first of my four Maichan tickets. I guess this is the point where I should mention the ‘Special Stages’. At HKT events they have a side stage set up where random members show up and do random skits, games, etc. It is quite often the 4th gen girls. but sometimes the regular members show up, and it usually causes the fans to make a mad dash for the staging area. I would occasionally go over to check who was there, and one time I found Maichan doing a batsu game with Kojina, Imade, and one other member. Usually by the time I got there the fan section was packed, and I could only stand in the far back. However, I got very lucky with one stage toward the end of the day…

Afternoon Slots

Tomiyoshi Asuka (Lane 16) – At one point I considered not visiting with Tomiyoshi anymore, I just don’t click with her that well. On the other hand, I think she quite good at concert MCs, and she is a very trendy dresser. So at least I can talk about that with her. Last time I saw her she had on a really nice black leather jacket. This time, she had on a cute pink leather jacket, so I decided to compliment her outfit. That seemed to go a long way, and she was very sweet and cheery. So perhaps I won’t give up on her just yet.

Group Lane #2: Sakaguchi Riko, Miyazaki Sono, Sakai Moeka (Lane 24) – I kept trying to get Rikopi tickets after she fished me so well at the AKB Shamekai event, but I kept losing the lottery. I finally settled on this ticket, Rikopi hanging out with a couple of the young 4th gens. Rikopi greeted me with a “What’s Ahhhhhpppppp?” when I got in the booth. I told her that I had not yet found a favorite member in 4th gen, and asked if the two next to her were worthy candidates. She was like “Yes! Yes!!! She said “Yes, please support these two, pointing to Moeka and Sono-chan.

Tanaka Yuka (Lane 15) – Late last year Yuutan attempted to fish me at a Special Stage for the 45th single(?) Afterwards I complained that she was cockblocking my Akiyoshi-time. But then some fans around here said “Yuutan fished you??? Have you seen her in a bikini???” Okay, I admit she fills out a swimsuit very well. However, that has never been a big prerequisite for me to support a member. On the other hand, she did make a concerted effort to get my attention. With that in mind, I decided to visit her. She acted surprised to see me, so I reminded her of the event I first met her at, and that he made me want to meet her again. I’m not sure if she remembered that event or not (probably not), but she did sorta light up when I said it. Ultimately, I had quite a few looks into her booth throughout the day, and she s definitely fun to go visit.

Fuchigami Mai (Lane 17, part one) {four tickets} – I am going to divide my Maichan report up since it plays into my end of day narrative. Earlier I had seen her do the batsu game segment (The subject was the SoftBank Hawks) on the special stage. I was excited to see her in the cute pink jersey and short shorts. However, she changed clothes before the slot. So I asked her why she changed clothes. She was like “Oh, you were watching the batsu game? LOL” I told her that I bought my own HKT baseball jersey too. For the next two tickets she was telling me about the Team KIV party she went to during golden week. She said the food was great (although when she described what they ate, it sounded like she was describing KFC, LOL). I told her I went to the Gyu Festival and the Beer Festival in Odaiba, to which she replied “Gyu, yummy yummy!” I wanted to ask her if she ever drinks, but it doesn’t play into her persona, so I chickened out. Anyway, I would have one more Maichan ticket for the final slot.

I used the break to go to the goods lane and pick up an Akiyoshi keyholder, and sign a birthday card for Rikopi.

Slot 6

Murakawa Vivian (Lane 22) – I had three tickets for the final slot, then I would be done for the day. I queued up early for Vivian to get a headstart. In the meantime this was Naopon’s final event in Tokyo, so they did the big production and speech outside the lane. From Vivian’s queue I had an excellent vantage point, and even got a little face/wave time as she walked back toward the booths.

I was behind the cameraman, to the right

I was four away, when I caught Akiyoshi walking behind the lanes. I thought “What is she doing here?”, assuming she had already left for the Sunday HKT event in Fukuoka. She was going to do a special stage. Shit! I need to get this ticket done and run over there for a good spot!

A short time later I got to Vivian, she was wearing a cute, pink baseball cap with the word “TRAMP” prominently worded on the front with a cartoon dog, and in tiny letters “candies” at the bottom. So I commented that I liked her cap. She pointed to the wording and said “Tramp! That’s me!” My eyes practically shot out of my head as I wondered if she knew what that implied. I was like “Honto???” and she replied yes (pointing to herself) “Tramp!” Gotta love Vivian!

After that I ran over to the special stage before it started. I got a great spot, since many fans didn’t know who the next “guests” were. In fact, I was next to a little section where a woman was signing the dialogue for fans with hearing impairment. The event started. Not only was Akiyoshi there, so was Rikopi, Ueno, Komada, Iwahana(?) and NAOPON!! Didn’t he just say goodbye like 5 minutes ago? Tons of fans came running over to watch, so I was glad I got in early, and I got plenty of facetime and waves from Yukachan through the entire show. They were basically drawing talking points out of a hat, and needless to say, Naopon and Rikopi dominated the conversation. This ended up being a long segment, and I wondered if I would be able to get the rest of my tickets done. But I was willing to trade one ticket to watch an Akiyoshi special stage.

The show finally ended, and Yukachan gave me one last enthusiastic wave goodbye. There were 19 minutes left before the lanes closed. I had to decide which lane would give me the best chance of being done in 15 minutes so I could use both tickets. Fuchigami’s lane had been sort of a mess all day, so I decided to try my luck with the other lane. After all, I had already seen Fuchigami three times today, I hadn’t seen this member yet…

Tomonaga Mio (Lane 7) – This would be my second trip ‘north of the tracks’, which is what I like to call HKT’s Lanes 1-10, which is where all the top senbatsu member lanes are. Mio’s lane was definitely shorter than Maichan, so I had a good chance of being able to use both tickets. Mio was sandwiched between Nako and Sakura. I was surprised by Nako’s energy, she definitely has fun with her fans. Sakura looked like she just woke up from a nap. I know she is generally a low-key handshake anyway. Actually, I almost didn’t recognize her. She had very little, if any makeup on. Anyway…

I finally made it to Mio, and I told her that I met hr at the National event. She was like “We did?” “Yeah we did”, and that she was so genki that I wanted to come and see her again. She thanked me for that, and I was was on my way. I still had time, I would make my last ticket after all…

Fuchigami Mai (Lane 17, part 2) – I made it with two minutes to spare, and the line was still very big. Unfortunately HKT doesn’t offer that oshi-mashi thing where you can use your tickets in a different lane, so it was either use my last Maichan ticket right now, or eat it. Ultimately it took around 45 minutes, well into the girls’ dinner break to finish this lane. In fact, three lanes went into the dinner break. This one, Mikurin, and Sakamoto Erena (I didn’t know she was that popular!) It seemed like every other person in line had 5-10 tickets, which made the line move painfully slow. Eventually I made my way to the front, and Maichan had changed back into her Pink Hawks jersey, So I told her that I though her outfit was really cute. Not that what she changed into wasn’t nice too, but there is something quite endearing about Maichan when she dresses casually like that. I told her I was going to see Wasamin and Minyo Girls live tomorrow. She gave me a big thumbs up for the Wasamin show, but she said she hadn’t heard of Minyo Girls. Anyway, I waved goodbye and was on my way.

I bailed upstairs and met BigC and Pandadash. We chatted for a while before they went back down for their final slot tickets. In the meantime I headed to Akiba for some Yamachan wings with @memorybreak. It was a good event, but I had one more fun-filled day in store on Sunday to end Golden Week.

As far as all the members I visited today. Everyone was nice. But did they make me want to get more tickets for them in the future? Not really. For now I will probably stick with my main three of Akiyoshi, Fuchigami, and Vivian, and an occasional Rikopi and/or Tomiyoshi ticket. But maybe I will try Nako next time, she seems like fun.


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