Picspam From Wasamin’s 3rd Concert at Yomiuri Otemachi Hall

As I have mentioned on my concert reports, one of the features of Wasamin’s solo concerts is the opportunity for fans to take photos during part of the show.  Wasamin even roams the entire venue and poses for fans while she sings, so you have an excellent chance of getting some choice photos, even if you aren’t seated close to the stage.

So this post is what I think are the 30 best shots I took at the concert, ten from each show.  I probably took between 50-100 pics at each show.  I deleted a bunch that were blurry, or didn’t come out right, and probably kept around 25-30 from each show in total.


CK in Tokyo

4 thoughts on “Picspam From Wasamin’s 3rd Concert at Yomiuri Otemachi Hall

  1. So will I. BTW, the blurry ones I deleted. I COULD do another picspam. I have enough photos to make another post, although I think I already gave you my best stuff

  2. Yes, digital images would just be deleted. I’m old enough to remember when I would get hard copies of photos developed in the mall or by mail. Some photos would not be very sharp, but I would not want to throw them away as I already paid for them … so I would just give them away to anyone who wanted them. Or cut them up for art projects.

    Also, I was very bad about putting my finger over the lens so that so many of my photos would have the lower left corner covered by a whitish finger. This happened so often that I started writing the name and or date of the photo in ink over where my finger was. So it was like a little tab I could use to organize them in a physical photo album.

    I’m a terrible photographer, but I have a lot of great IDEAS for photos I always say.

    BTW: I enjoyed your appearance on the 48 Talk show. Man oh man, you live a dream life interacting with the idols. I hope to see more of you on the program.

    Jesus, … er I mean — Buddha … to go be able to go see, and interact with Wasamin and the others so much.


    Also, I bought the second Iwasa Misaki concert Blu-ray! Are you in the picture when Wasamin is singing out in the audience? There are not a lot of westerners there, I thought I might have caught a glimpse of you
    : )

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