Hypnotizing the Idols…Oh, the Possibilities!

When I last checked in with AKBingo (uhh, last post) the coming attractions for the next week’s episode seemed quite intriguing.  Acchan hypnotized and handling a huge lizard?  Well, the episode did not disappoint.  It featured on of Japan’s premiere hypnotists having fun with a few of the girls for our viewing enjoyment…

Personally I have never been hypnotized, but I have always been fascinated by the art of it.  Especially by the fact that the subject is completely conscious throughout the entire process.  It’s just that their perceptions have been subliminally altered.  But enough of that technical mumbo-jumbo, let’s check in on the action…

The first subject is Sae.  It’s just a little warm-up for the real hysterics to come.  The hypnotist has suggested that she can be pulled by an imaginary string…

There she goes!  Fascinating, but truthfully not all that funny.  Actually my favorite moments were the next two.

He starts out Maimai with some strange trick with her hands.  But the real fun begins when the hypnotist suggests that she forget her own name.  The look in her eyes is priceless!  She keeps insisting she knows her name, but she can’t bring herself to say it.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to Yamada Hanako, LOLOL!  Yamada-san?? Hey, she owes me money!

Look at the worried faces.  Poor Atsuko, if she only knew what was coming!  Maybe she already does.  I know there has been some debate on whether or not this show was “real”.  Were they really hypnotized?  Personally I don’t care one way or another.  I have been thoroughly entertained, and no one got hurt.  That is all that matters to me.

The next trick with SKE48 member Matsui Rena was just as funny.  It was great just to watch her laughing and trying to fight the hypnosis.  Oh, and I now have a new favorite SKE member.  She is really cute.  Rena kind of reminds me of Haachan!  Especially her smile.  She has been hypnotized into having to react when she is asked… “Domo?”


Ai~n!  Haha, Jurina wants to get in on the fun.  The way Rena is holding up her arm is hysterical!

Takamina has an aversion to Umeboshi, or pickled plums.  They don’t look all that appetizing to me either.  Now this was kind of cruel, the hypnotist keeps bringing her in and out of the suggestion in mid-chew.  But it did make for some interesting facial expressions!

Ai~n!  Just checking…

(Speaking of Ken Shimura, what is up with the Japanese comedians and all of their “catch phrases”? Ai~n!, GETS!, Get Down! They are all so silly!)

Now for the real fun, Acchan and the giant lizard!  She is so cute when she is being chased across the stage.  I love the way she runs! And some of the little squeaks she makes are funny too!

It doesn’t look like any of the girls want any part of this!  Glad to see Meetan checking in.  Looks like we’ve just found one of her weaknesses.  Note to self: When meeting Megumi for a two-shot next month, don’t bring cute little lizard as a gift!

Awww, Acchan has a new pet…

Errr, maybe not!

And for a little light comedy at the end.  Mai and Atsuko fall in love with Sayaka.  Careful girls, don’t break her!

AKBingo! has been getting a lot more unpredictable lately, and as a result more interesting.  I get more and more excited to see the show each week!  This is how you sustain a T.V. series for length of time.  Keep being creative!  Sure, some concepts will work better than others.  But it is much better than playing the same game time and time again.  Next week’s show looks like a lot of fun too.  Again, I can’t wait!

So Cute!!!

CK in California

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  1. Have you checked Namida Surprise”涙サプライズ”?
    You can see the short ver of the PV on Youtube.
    Acchan is so cute.

  2. @tarako

    Yeah, I saw it at the end of AKBingo! I like the PV a lot. I am looking forward to the single, especially with Erepyon’s great solo song.

  3. I am in ur wota, expressing mine presence.


    Haha, sorry. Gotta say I love your blog. Found it at the top of google searching for 2nd fav girl Rena!

    I love this blog already!

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