Iwasa Misaki 7th Single Reservation Events, Part One (2018/01/09-10)

After a 1-month Wasa-vacation, I finally got a chance to visit with her on Tuesday. <3

Yes, the last time I spent time with Wasamin was at her Fan Club boat event on December 9th. It was just two days later that I would take off to California for 2 1/2 weeks, returning just in time for New Years Eve. When I got home, aside from dropping my bags, I was most looking forward to checking my mailbox, hoping there would be a ticket to Wasamin’s New Year’s Live in Ginza with Mizumori and Hayabusa, but unfortunately I got skunked for the 3rd year in a row :(

However, there WAS a correspondence from Wasamin in my mailbox. It was the latest edition of Misaki Magazine! Here are a few pages…

I was surprised there was such a tiny mention of the San Francisco event. The magazine focused on her Love Live Concert, and the Boat event. But it’s a really nice magazine, and I always look forward to receiving it. A couple of days later I received this…

A New Year’s Card from Wasamin, yatta! I got one of these last year as well. Anyway…

This past weekend, Misaki started her new single promotions, beginning with three days in Northern Japan, performing in Morioka, Aomori, and Miyagi. Beginning Monday she started her Tokyo portion of the tour. Two stops each Monday through Thursday. Then after a day off, she goes to Osaka on Saturday, then back to Tokyo on Sunday which looks to be an important day since she is performing at Sunshine City. That is usually where Wasamin makes big announcements and visits with the press. So I am guessing we may be hearing the new song, or at least finding out the title. Anyway, here is her schedule from yesterday (Monday)

1/8 Cultural Broadcasting Building, 12pm Mini-Live (w/ Hayabusa)
(The rest are mini-live plus handshake event)
1/8 Ario Nishiarai, 7pm
1/9 Yoro-do Asakusa, 2pm
1/9 Tower Gran Tree Musashi Kosugi, 7:30p
1/10 Music Shop Dan Higashi-Jujo, 2pm
1/10 Tower Records Ikebukuro, 7pm
1/11 Meikyoku-Do Nakano, 3pm
1/11 Tower Records Shinjuku, 7pm
1/13 Kishiwada Talktown Osaka, 1pm, 3:30pm
1/14 Sunshine City Ikebukuro, 1pm, 3:30pm

She also has a few appearances scheduled in Chiba toward the end of January, including her monthly challenge campaign. BTW, this was the Setlist for Tuesday’s performance in Asakusa

Yoro-do Setlist
1. Hatsuzake
2. Gakusai Jidai
3. Wakasa no Yado
4. Saba Kaido

In one of the MCs Wasamin was going on an on about how her manager is a very interesting person, and that is always surprised by her manager’s stories. Of course Ichikawa-san got all embarrassed, since Wasamin was implying that she was weird, LOL. For the rest she was promoting her upcoming concert, as well as the rest of the events this week.

It was a relatively small crowd. Then again, it was in the middle of a work day. Perhaps she will get more people in the evening, and on Sunday. I chose not to go yesterday because I was really tired from the weekend, not to mention the rain. As for tonight, I just didn’t feel like trekking out to Yokohama. I will probably go to most, if not all of the remaining Tokyo events this week.

It should be noted that like with Saba Kaido, Wasamin has a stamp card for this single. Among the prizes are an oshi-towel, tote bag, and a Jacket! But you need to buy A LOT of CDs for that one. I bought two CDs today, and had two handshakes….

For the first handshake, Wasamin welcomed me back, and I told her a little about my trip, mainly about the weather being nice in California, warm enough that I could go swimming. She was like “Ehhhhh???” When I looped back around Wasamin remembered that the NagaraPro Sakura Festival is in Itabashi, so she asked if I lived close to the venue. I told her I could almost walk to it. (Actually, it would be quite a long walk, better to take the train) But I told her I would be there since she will be in my neighborhood. Well, technically she will be in my neighborhood tomorrow as well since Music Shop Dan is probably closer to my house than Itabashi Cultural Hall.

Anyhow, I took off and went to Senso-ji to enjoy some New Year’s festival food. I ate grilled fish and grilled crab. Yum! I would be ready for a Wasa-doubleheader on Wednesday.


Higashi-Jujo and Ikebukuro Reservation Events! (2018/01/10)

I finally participated in a full day of Wasamin pre-order events, after missing out on Monday entirely and only attending the early Tuesday event. Since there are ten Tokyo-area events this week, I am trying to pace myself. Although I promised Wasamin I would go to the Nakano event today (Thursday) and I am meeting a friend in Shinjuku in the afternoon, which is right by where she is performing in the evening. So I guess I will be attending both shows today too.

The first stop was one of Wasamin’s usual enka shop stops, Music Shop Dan in Higashi-Jujo, which is almost within walking distance to my apartment. I met up with my friend Derek for a little New York Pizza lunch before heading over. I have been to this shop to see Wasamin a couple of times before, and they usually hold the performance in a small community center around the corner. However, this time they would be holding the event inside the tiny shop. Like the little Enka shop in Warabi, they had to squeeze us in.

Here is the setlist…

Higashi-Jujo 2pm
1. Moshimo Watashi ga Sora ni Sundeitara
2. Blue Light Yokohama
3. Kita no Hotaru
4. Saba Kaido

I wanted to tell Wasamin about my interaction with Shiichan and Myao on Saturday. Since I know Wasamin is good friends with Myao, I made the story primarily about her, and explained that Myao thought I was an HKT fan since I was wearing my HKT48 T-shirt, but I corrected her and told her I am a Wasamin-oshi! Wasamin and Ichikawa-san both laughed,and I told them that Shiichan was also part of the conversation. She asked me who else was in the lane, and kinda giggled when I mentioned Chori. Also, Wasamin was happy I brought Derek again, and thanked me for helping him with what he wanted to tell her in Japanese. I would head home and relax for a while beforgoing to Ikebukuro for the evening event.

Tower Ikebukuro 7:30pm
1. Mujineki
2. Nora
3. Tomonoura Bojou
4. Saba Kaido

Wasamin had a considerable larger crowd for the evening show. (I suspect the same thing occurred on Tuesday night, and will probably happen tonight) I showed up just before showtime after having a couple cocktails at The Hub. Wasamin was wearing her black Kimono, which is one of my favorites. When I told her it was one of my favorite Kimonos, she asked me how many points. I wasn’t sure how to answer that, so I told her “full points.” LOL, I think I made the point.

Most of the fans were still filling out their pre-orders, so I looped the line. I mentioned that Nakano Broadway is where I used to buy all of my Wasamin photos when she was in AKB. Trio II in Nakano Broadway was AKB Photo Mecca back then. She asked if that meant I was coming tomorrow, which I confirmed. I kinda wanted to make this an early night, so I took off right after my second ticket.

So back on the horse tonight, so to speak. I will have two more events to report. As for Sunday, I’m not sure how that is going to play out. I do want to see Wasamin, and will definitely be at the early event. But I am torn between hanging out for the second event, or taking off to see Minyo Girls in Suidobashi. I guess I will let the time make the determination, as it will depend on how late Wasamin’s first event goes.


CK in Tokyo

12 thoughts on “Iwasa Misaki 7th Single Reservation Events, Part One (2018/01/09-10)

  1. There is a “Misaki Magazine” ???

    I would love to see that, even if I could not read it, I would have to just look at the photos,

    PS — I also love that dark kimono.

  2. Denny, thanks for the reply. Yes, that is the 4th issue of Misaki Magazine. They come out once every 3-4 months or so, and are mailed to Fan Club members. They are very nice, around 8 pages total. It is highlights of her activities.

  3. I am very curious and really want to visit one of these events especially with Wasamin, is there a special site or blog that list these events? would be really awesome to go to a photo session. I prob be to scared to attempt to speak japanese as my level is basically bad.

  4. Thanks for your reply CK, the event on the 29th of March looks around when i would be in Japan. Is there a possibility there will be an option of get an autograph with purchase of her new single?

  5. @Dav,

    That is her monthly Challenge Campaign held in Kashiwa. It is a fun event, and she will perform a new song that she has never performed before. Unfortunately, since it is during the daytime on a weekday it is rare that I get a chance to go.

    Unfortunately, the Challenge Campaign is usually only a handshake event. However, there is the possibility, if they are promoting her next concert DVD release, that they could offer 2-shots. You would need to pre-order the DVD, however…

    As for autographs, they will likely be giving away pre-signed autographed boards. So there’s that. As for personalized autographs, she doesn’t do that too often. Usually it is only during release week of her single, and it is a special prize you have to win.

    The other event to watch out for is her “cheki event” which might me around the time you are in town. It must be pre-ordered via chara-ani. However, last year, since they didn’t sell out, they offered “day of” tickets. Not making any promises, but…

    If that event takes place again, they will probably announce it very soon.

  6. Thanks CK, very informative do really appreciate your response. I keep my eyes peeled on events most likely the Challenge Campaign will be my time frame. going to practice more japanese now ..

  7. so trying to make sense of the translator, so i would have to buy one of the singles which are in 3 parts ( the 3 time slots)

    so 1 single gets you 2 photo with misaki and a handshake, and if you buy say another 2 you will get 6 photos? can i use my phone or is that not allowed ?

    is say started already but i cant seem to find the link to buy

  8. Dav,

    it is one ticket per CD. Like an AKB handshake event, there are three “parts” or “slots” Wasamin changes costume for each part.

    Normally these have to be done as preorder. Last year, since they didn’t sell out, they had “on the day” tickets available. But that does not necessarily mean they will do the same thing this year. So the safest thing to do is the chara-ani preorder.

  9. Hi CK, i will get it pre ordered. Can my friend come along into the area to assist me in case i get stuck with communication barrier?

  10. Dav,

    Ummm, I’m not sure. Since this is held at the Tokuma/Nippon Crown corporate office, they are fairly strict on who they allow in the building, and where you are allowed to go once in the building. So they may not let someone in if they don’t have a ticket. As far as the process of doing the event, it is fairly straightforward, so you won’t have an issue with what to do, or when to do it…

    What I might suggest is to create a game plan of things you want to say to her in advance, and have your friend translate them for you. Write them down, practice them. You can even hold your notes while you are meeting her if you want, although you would probably rather be looking at her than your paper.

    If Wasamin gets that you don’t know Japanese at all, she may try to speak English to you, but she is notoriously bad at it. So fair warning

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