Team K’s Naruse Risa Graduates


I feel really sad about this news.  Naruru has been suffering from a herniated disc for quite a while now.  And there has been a lot of speculation on whether or not she would be able to come back from an injury like that.  Our worst fears were realized with the sudden announcement and graduation on Sunday.  Here is a translation of her letter to the fans, thanks to Hiro at Stage48…


Hi, this is Naruru, Naruse Risa

I am very sorry to announce my sudden graduation.
My herniated discs problem is better now, but
I still cant move / exercise vigorously.
So I decided to graduate on my own.

I learned many many things while in AKB.
It was very productive 2 years for me.

I want to recover completely
and aim for my dream, becoming a model.
I will never give up and be back very soon.

Thank you very much for all the support from
the staff members, my team members, and most of all my fans!
I love you all and thank you again!

I will keep fly at Mach 100!

So till we meet again

Naruse Risa


What makes me especially sad is that she was really climbing my AKB48 pecking order after seeing her perform in K4.  She is so energetic and cute.  And this is just further evidence on how hard these girls work at their craft.  To suffer an injury like that at 15 years old, that’s just too much.



Here’s to two wonderful years Risa.  You were awesome with AKB48.  And I am sure you will continue to be amazing in whatever endeavors your future holds for you!

CK in California