DESURABBITS ‘Magic of Butterfly’ Promotional Mini-Live FINAL Week! (September 2019)

This was the final weekend of DESURABBITS mini-lives for this single promotion.  I wanted to take advantage since I don’t know how often they hold release events like these.  It seems like maybe 2-3 times per year?  My weekend was free for the most part, so it was just a matter of whether I would go to both the Koshigaya and Shibuya events, or just one.  But before I get into that…

Last Monday I was sitting at home, checking Twitter since I was getting a lot of responses from my Minyo Girls posts from the weekend.  Refreshing my feed I noticed a post from the DESURABBITS’ official Twitter account promoting an event at 5 p.m.  Huh?  Did I miss this on the schedule?  I checked the official site and found the recent addition of an event at Marui Ikebukuro, which is really easy to get to from where I live.  It was just past 3 p.m., so I had time.  Whenever a group I like has events in Ikebukuro, I do my best to go since it’s so convenient.  In fact, the bus I take drops me off right across the street from this particular store.  So off I went!

Marui Ikebukuro (2019/09 24)

I arrived in Ikebukuro shortly past 4 p.m.  I had a bit of time, so I walked to the other side of the station to handle a little business before returning a half hour later.  I also wanted to check if DESURABBITS were doing an impromptu “Don’t Miss DR” live outside the station, since they have done that a few times during this promotion, and the West side of Ikebukuro Station is perfect for that.  The event space of Marui is on the top floor, which mainly functions as an anime shop.  There was a short queue to get in, and I was instructed to purchase my CDs before lining up.  I bought two for one 2-shot, and I was good to go.  They opened the viewing area right around 5 p.m., and despite being around 10th in line, I grabbed front row center.  Score-a-rooni!  Ultimately there weren’t very many people at the event, and the stage’s isolated location did not lend itself to “walk-in” traffic.  So it would be a small, intimate event.

It’s been a week since the show, so frankly I have forgotten which songs they performed.  I do remember the 9th single, and that song with the chorus of “Sore sore sore sore Desu Desu Desu Desurabbits desu!” (don’t know the name of it, but I like it!)  At one point Bucho accidentally burned himself on the stage lights.  The ceiling was relatively low, and he reached up like he normally does to lead a chant and hit the light.  I know it hurt too, since he was “shaking it off” for the next 30 seconds or so.  But then he kept trying to re-adjust the light with his hand, and re-burning himself.  Later on I asked him if his hand was okay, and he said he was fine, but complained that it was HOT!

Since I was in the front row I decided to sit down during the photo-op time at the end, but it ended up being a poor decision since all of my photos came out really dark.  I tried to stand up at the last second, but it was too late.  Oh well…

I was one of the first in line for the 2-shot queue, which started right after the handshake queue finished.  Bucho was strolling through the anime shop trying to charm the shoppers into coming over.  In fact when buppan started they had to go find him.  I had decided to choose Karin-chan for my 2-shot.  Truthfully, Emi is slowly becoming my favorite of the girls, but Karin does make an effort to connect with me on Twitter, so…

I mainly told her that I loved her solo song (technically it’s a Bucho-Karin duet) from the one-man live, the one where she does the little bunny-hand thing.  So she started singing it for me and doing the hand gesture.  I wished I could’ve joined in, but I had forgotten how it went.  Oh well.  And with that I took my leave, and headed over to my my favorite ramen restaurant for dinner…

Tower Records Shibuya (2019/09/29)

As I mentioned, there were two events this past weekend, the first one at Koshigaya Laketown in Saitama Prefecture.  It’s an enormous mall, with lots of amenities.  I have seen other groups perform there.  However, I had spent a bit more money than expected on Friday night at Kawasaki Oktoberfest, as well as at FESTIVE’S mini-live.  So to make up for it I decided to only go to one of DESURABBITS’ two events.  I also needed to do some shopping at Tokyu Hands, and amazingly they do not have a location at Laketown.  So that decided it.  I would skip Koshigaya, and go to Shibuya.  As much as I can’t stand Shibuya on the weekend (or any other day for that matter) I could kill two birds with one stone…

I arrived shortly after noon.  It takes a while to get out of the station from the Saikyo Line platform, so I decided to exit the back of the station, which was a big mistake since construction made it a bit of a pain to get back to where I needed to be.  I decided to scratch my pre-show lunch plan, and go straight to the shop.  I’m glad I did, since there was a huge line to purchase CDs.  Not for this live; the mini-live was being held on the K-Pop floor, and there was some sort of giveaway for a K-pop boy band, so there were tons of young ladies queued up for that.  It took me at least 15-20 minutes to navigate the line, but I got my CDs and handshake tickets.  Oh, and the backstage area was right behind the cash registers, so I could see the girls and Bucho going back and forth while I was in queue.

The live area was screened off, but I could see that the crowd had grown a bit from the time arrived to when I got my CDs.  Still, I got a good spot in the center less than 10 feet from the stage.  The group did a 3-song rehearsal around 10 minutes before the show.  Their rehearsals are usually the first verse only, mainly to get a level check.  It is something I have noticed more and more recently, groups doing a “live” rehearsal.  Kiss Bee does it, and both Minyo Girls and FESTIVE have started doing it.  Interesting….

They made a big deal out of this being the final event of the new single promotion, and thanked everyone who participated.  Personally, I went to around half of them.  I didn’t go to any of the shows in Osaka or Nagoya, but I went to most of the Kanto shows.  They performed an extra-long set for the finale, which went on for more than 45-minutes and included all the solo songs the girls sang at the one-man live.  When Karin and Bucho came out for their duet, the crowd (which by this time had grown substantially) went crazy, prompting Yuzu to later remark that it was like a “Johnnys” reaction, LOL.  Meanwhile, Bucho would periodically open up the screen which separated the stage from the rest of the store, beckoning people to come over and watch.  He would also do it while he was singing, which must’ve been very funny to see from the outside.  Ultimately, it was the best mini-live I have seen them do.  And I had a great time!

And this time I made sure to take photos with better lighting!

We lined up for buppan, but there was one problem.  Since the cash register queue was so long the majority of fans hadn’t purchased CDs yet, and the queue was still long, even after the live.  The girls were ready to start, but 75% of the fans were still in line.  Initially there were only three people in line for handshakes, but people kept trickling in, and every time they were ready to change to 2-shots someone would come running over with a ticket.  So they decided to ‘suspend’ the handshakes and move over to 2-shots, which had the longest queue.  I was 3rd in line, and decided I would visit with Yuzu.  Personally, I kinda wanted to see Emi, but Yuzu is the one member I have only met with once, and since I still consider myself a Desurabi “DD” I wanted to even things out a bit.  When I told Bucho I wanted to meet with Yuzu, he responded “Really?  Why???”  He was kidding around, but it made me wonder of he was expecting me to choose someone else…

Yuzu immediately noticed that I recently got a haircut, to which I responded “Yes!  QB House!  I told her I was going back to America in a few days, but I planned on returning to Japan in a month or less.  At first she was like “Ehhhh?” but then when I gave her the full scoop she was relieved.

BTW, regarding the members.  I still say Bucho is my oshimen, but at the same time I have developed connections with each of the members, connections which are reflective of their personalities.  I want to say that I like Emi the most, especially since she the type of personality I like in an idol, and she is also the most reactive to me while she is performing.  I think Karin is adorable, and she makes the biggest effort to connect with me online, but in person she is still somewhat shy.  Yuzu is by far the most fun to interact with since she is so energetic, and I love that she noticed my haircut.  That is my dilemma, and why I keep taking photos with each of them.  They all appeal to me in a different way, and I want to reciprocate that connection, even if I like one member more than another…

And with that I was done.  As I said, I am returning to the U.S. for a little while, handling personal business and visiting family.  However, I should be back in Japan with a month or so, and while I will be very busy, and not have nearly as much time for idols, I will do my best to see DESURABBITS as I have grown very fond of them.

CK in Tokyo

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  1. Have a good safe trip!

    Now that I know about this group, I’m thinking of naming a Scorbunny “Desurabbits” next month when the new game comes out.
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