Iwasa Misaki Chara-ani Cheki Event at Tokuma/Nippon Crown Head Office, Gotanda (2019/11/09)

Wasamin’s twice-annual cheki event at the Tokuma offices is always fun for a myriad of reasons. It’s a chance to take relatively cheap 2-hot chekis with her, she always picks adorable outfits to pose in, and it’s a low-key, informal affair. Technically, getting tickets for this event is supposed to be limited to chara-ani pre-orders of her singles. However, as long as I have been in Japan they have offered tickets “on the day.” And since I wasn’t sure where I would be when the re-release of Wasamin’s 8th single was released, or if I would even be in Japan, I was unable to participate in the pre-order. Hence, I scored my tickets on Saturday.

Per usual, there were three “slots” at the event. Slot 1 was at 11:30, Slot 2 at 13:30, and Slot 3 at 15:30. Since I had a good hour commute to the venue from my apartment, and I had a bit of work to do around the house, I decided to forego the first slot and instead show up after lunch. I got to Gotanda shortly before 13:00. It was sunny when I left Saitama, but in Tokyo it looked like it might rain. After grabbing a cup of coffee at Tully’s I made my way to the office, which is a good 10-minute walk from the station. I didn’t see any Wasafans on my route, which made me slightly concerned the event had been moved. But when I got to the label’s non-descript building I saw the Wasamin poster, and a familiar Tokuma staff member who I last saw at FESTIVE’S mini-live in Kawasaki. I purchased 2 CDs, and received one ticket each for the 2nd and third slots.

I was surprised by how few people were in the waiting room. Normally there are over 50 people there, but this time there were probably less than 30. There wasn’t really a pre-queue, just people milling around. I was happy to see Ichiro-san, who is a Wasamin/Minyo Girls fan who often makes comments on my Twitter posts. I asked him what he was going to do about Sunday, where both Wasamin and MG had conflicting events fairly far apart from one another. If you read the Minyo Girls post I made the other day, I made the decision to skip Wasamin’s event on Sunday since Minyo Girls were performing practically in my backyard. But Ichiro said he was going to try and make both events. Good luck. (He made it) I also asked him what Wasamin wore in the first slot. Here’s the outfit I missed out on…

Ooohhh! It’s the outfit from the new album cover shoot. Sexy! Well now I was sorry I missed the first slot. However, my enthusiasm was redeemed when I saw what she wore in Slot 2…

I mean everything about this outfit is sexy. The dress, her shoes, the jewelry, an of course Wasamin. I went on and on about how much I liked what she was wearing. I also updated her on my injury, to which she immediately filled in Sasou-san (who was taking the pics) and Shinohara-san (Wasa-manager) about my accident. The good news was that I felt better, despite still being a little sore. But I told her I was able to work the previous week, and the first week of my new job went well. With that I excused myself, and headed to lunch; Gyudon at Okamura-ya, which just recently opened in Gotanda. By the way, here are my two chekis…

I returned shortly before 15:30, and it was pretty much the same routine, with the same 25-30 people in the waiting room. I wasn’t in any big hurry since I only had one ticket, and the only mystery at the time was which outfit she would wear. This outfit was something she has modeled a couple times recently on her blog and Twitter. It’s a typical Wasa-outfit; conservative and cute. And of course I made a big deal about it.

I also gave Wasamin a taste of how I talk with my Junior High students. I figured she’d get a kick out of it since most foreign English teachers generally follow a similar format which is prescribed my the Department of Education. In fact, I now realize that when Yakata Miki used to try speaking English with me the things she would say were right out of the DOE textbook, LOL. Anyway, with Wasamin now snickering that I am now “Chris-sensei” I took my leave and headed back home.

It turns out that there are now tickets available for Wasamin’s acoustic “Love Live” in two weeks. I really want to go, but I haven’t pulled the trigger on purchasing a ticket yet. I do have a ticket for her December 1st performance, and the Fan Club Christmas event, so lots of Wasa-fun on the horizon regardless

CK in Japan