Miyabi’s Solo Debut

After the big surprise of Yuua and Ramu’s graduation announcement (Their final stage with Minyo Girls is tomorrow) Miyabi had a surprise announcement of her own; her solo debut!

On@ – Meguruwa

The song is available as a digital download on itunes, recochoku, spotify, amazon music, and a few other sites.

I guess this should come at no surprise, considering that Miyabi has been making the rounds as a singer on television over the last year. Her vocals are very strong, which is why she has essentially been the center of Minyo Girls for the last couple years. But it makes me wonder about the future of the group. Two of their most popular members are graduating, their center is venturing out as a soloist, and two of their ori members are functioning as part-timers. It may be time for a retooling if this group is going to have any kind of future.

But for Miyabi, I think this is a really strong debut. It’s too bad that it is so obscure. I’d love to see this song get attached to an anime…or something. With Yuua and Ramu graduating, Miyabi is the only remaining Mingaru member I have ever supported. So it was quite fitting that I got a message earlier today from another Minyo/Wasa fan inviting me to “Support Miyabi together.” It is also eerily reminiscent of my humble beginnings with Wasamin. Supported her when she was really young,watched her blossom into an amazing vocalist, and then supported her efforts to become a soloist. This idol fandom is truly cyclical!

Anyway, I invite everyone to join me in supporting Miyabi’s solo career.

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