The History of AKB48 on CK’s H!P Blog

Although originally my blog at Vox was mainly about the groups of Hello! Project, I quickly began branching out and covering other groups.  If you read that blog, you might remember that I wrote about…

Ketchup Mania – This Japanese punk-pop group was the best part of Japan Nite 2008.
SCANDAL – Another Japan Nite act.  They recently signed a major contract, their first big single is great
Perfume – I wouldn’t call myself a huge fan, but I really like their full length CD, Game.
THE Possible – I loved when they strapped on the guitars and played rock band!!!

I have written about other groups as well (Whiteberry, Komatsu Ayaka, Idoling!!!).  And I have also done a few random film and dorama reviews.  But one of the first non-H!P groups I started blogging about was AKB48.  In fact, I have compiled quite a few posts about them over the last 10 months.  So instead of reposting all of those old articles here, what I thought I would do is post links to those articles so you can see how my fandom has developed over this past year…

Sakura no Hanabiratachi…A Lesson In Success  2/26/2008
This post after the release of the long form PV to point out how more effort and creativity AKB48 has been putting into their PV’s than Hello! Project lately.  And I admitted getting teary when I watched the PV!  It was also the first time I had ever seen AKB1ji59fun!

AKB48 and “The Call of the Wota”  4/05/2008
My first review of an AKB48 stage DVD, Team A Stage 4.  This was where I discovered how much I loved the song Only Today, and also learned what great performers Miichan and Takamina are.  But the best part is my little rant on the guy front and center screaming through the entire show.  It reminded me of some of the craziness I witnessed at Shibuya AX in January!

Ohori Megumi For The Win!!!  6/29/2008
I’m sure everyone remembers Meetan’s little “naked” skits in the beginning of AKB0ji59fun.  Well, those two episodes catapulted her to the top of my J-pop fandom.  I just love a slutty J-pop Idol!  This is when I named her my “favorite human on the planet” LOL!

Happy Birthday Meetan-hime!  08/26/2008
I fall a little harder for Ohori Megumi with this little picspam post, in celebration of her 25th Birthday.  Little did I know at the time what a big deal her turning 25 would turn out to be!  This was also when she was issued the infamous 10,000 CD challenge.

AKB48 Live at Shibuya AX, Nobody Told Me How Awesome This Would Be!  9/16/2008
The granddaddy of my AKB48 posts.  My review of the DVD coupled with anecdotes of my experience seeing the show firsthand!  The Shibuya AX DVD Boxed Set is the gem in my J-Pop collection!

AKB48 Takes Part In Tokyo 2016 Olympic Bid  9/30/2008
Just a random article I found when playing with the google desktop on my new computer.  I thought it was great that the organizers felt AKB48 was significant enough to include them in this event.

Oogoe Diamond  10/4/2008
Just a quick review of the song and PV.  Obviously I liked it!

The Day After…Devastation in the Don Quixote Theater  10/7/2008
It is announced that two of my three favorite members are among the five who are graduating, and my other favorite may be forced to graduate?  I took the practical approach and began naming new favorite members from each team.  Although I must say I was premature in these selections.  After spending a week and a half in Akihabara last month I finally found my princess of Team B (Tanabe Miku).  And of course Meetan is staying.  So the list at the bottom is sall we say…outdated?

With or Without AKB48,  メン☆ドル (Mendol) is a Great Show!  10/13/2008
Notice how much more frequent the AKB posts were getting!  Five minutes into the first episode I was already in love with Mendol.  This might be my all time favorite dorama!  It has everything Sex, Comedy, Romance, Intrigue.  The title of the article means that the show itself is great in it’s own right.

CK’s Japan Tour, Fall 2008 Day 5-6 ~The AKB48 to H!P transition~  10/31/2008
Actually if you read the entire 8-part series from my trip to Japan, almost every part has an AKB48 anecdote in it.  But this particular post has a bunch of pics taken inside the theater and a short synopsis of my experiences seeing Team A and Team K.  I saw Team B a couple of days later which was covered in this post.  If you didn’t read my October-November Japan trip articles, please check em out!  I loved writing them!

The AKB48 2009 Calendar:  I Feel Like Charlie Bucket  11/8/2008
All I can say is…Look what pic I found in my calendar!!!

So that was 12 or so posts out of 88 since I started my first blog.  And now I am here, with a blog dedicated to the girls of Akihabara.  I love it!  It’s the least I can do to promote the group I love so much.  Well, there is more I can do, and one little “surprise” is coming in a future post.

CK in California
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