Oh Yes…SDN48 Video Previews!!!

The good people running SDN48’s website have blessed us with previews of each song in the set.  You can find them here…

SDN48 Setlist

After watching these, I still say my favorite songs are Black Boy and Futsuu no Anata.  BVut I also love the dance during Yuuwaku no Garter.  Just seven weeks to go until I hit Akiba again.  Jeez I hope I win a ticket to see them.  Come October they will become my favorite AKB associated team.  They are just as hawt as any of the AKB lollies.

I think there’s enough room in my heart for all of the teams!

CK in California

2 thoughts on “Oh Yes…SDN48 Video Previews!!!

  1. I’m really digging the first set, not really too fond of the second set of songs lol. Soooo awesome though!

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