Shibuya AX 2010 Early Voting Returns

The voting for next year’s AKB48 Setlist Top 100 at Shibuya AX concerts opened last week with the release of the new single, “River”  If you aren’t up to speed with the new voting process, here ya go.  You get one vote…

1. With the purchase of the new single
2. With an AKB48 Fan Club Membership
3. With an AKB48 Mobile Fan Club Membership
4. With a DMM monthly access membership (Live on Demand)

With the one vote I have used so far (fan club) I spent it on an SDN48 song.  There are tons of songs I would love to vote for.  But I want to make sure all of my votes will have a positive result for Meetan.  So if I end up with voting tickets from the single, I will probably use them for SDN48 again, or possibly Oshi/Meshi

By the way, I must say that I preferred last years’ “email voting system” to this years’, mainly because it felt easier for an overseas fan to vote.  But no matter, the rules are the rules.  And management pulled another unprecedented move by announcing the Top 30 songs in early voting…

My first impression of this vote was that it reminded me a lot of the first Shibuya AX show, where the top 15 was dominated by the well known singles.  Last years’ Top 100 proved to be much more unpredictable.  That’s not to say that I’m not happy about some of the results.  I was so happy to see Erepyon’s beautiful solo effort at #21, and Persona!!!  Now if “Christmas Present” makes the list, I will be ecstatic!!!

All of that said, I hope this is the last time management gives us the results of the vote.  Part of the fun of the concert is the surprise of where the songs fall within the list.  And if we are already aware of the Top 25 before the show even starts…

Where’s the fun in that???

Oh, and there is a great site where you can sample ALL of the eligible songs.  And that included the works of SDN48 & SKE48.  So if you have a vote, check it out!  And if you have a voting ticket but don’t have a means to use it, send me a message and I can see if I can help!

Setlist Top 100 at Shibuya AX 2010 Official Site

CK in California

3 thoughts on “Shibuya AX 2010 Early Voting Returns

  1. I’d love to see the garter song from SDN48… just imagine if it was all SDN48 and they threw their garters… fans would go nutz! lol

  2. man talk about fan participation. the akb48 marketing department must be putting in overtime,,as well as you ck :}

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