CK in Japan, Fall 2009…

Yes, I am in japan again.  And to keep with tradition I am posting all of my experiences on my original site.  but here are links and a brief synopsis…

Trick or Treating in Akiba

In the first post, I give a brief overview of my itinerary, which includes seeing AKB48’s new play infinity.  I also give a brief overview of my first experience seeing SDN48.  Wow, they are awesome!  They are now my favorite Team by far!  Finally there is a show and tell of some of the gifts I received from friends and fellow fans upon arrival.

The Fateful Day Has Finally Arrived

Jeez it got cold in Japan all of a sudden!  The post starts out with my experience buying tickets to Hello! Project concerts in japan, as opposed to buying them from a deputy service in advance.  Yeah, it means i need to bring more cash along with me, but the seats are better and i am ultimately paying less $$$.  I then describe my first experience with SDN48’s post-show “high touch”, and how Nachu’s enthusiasm got in the way of me spending a few extra seconds with Meetan.  Gotta love Nachu, she is great!!!  BTW, I won tickets to SDN48 three times, and will post a full review after those performances.

Hatakeyama Chisaki Picspam

Plain and simple, this post is about how adorable SDN48’s little front-girl is.  Once you get a good look at Chaki in action, you will know she is born to be a star!!!

I will keep this site updated with future posts!

CK in Tokyo