CK in Japan, Part 2…

Just an update, I have been doing the lionshare of my Japan trip reporting on my other two sites.  As always here are the links, each with a brief synopsis…

Day 4…Berryz!

My full review of the Berryz Kobo show at Tokyo Koseinenkin Keikan.  It was a great time, and I was so happy that my favorite member had a prominent role in the concert for a change!  And to throw a little AKB into the mix, I spot a cool billboard in Ueno featuring two of AKB48’s lollies.

Days 5-7…SDN + Idoling!!! = <3

This is a big one!  My full review of SDN48’s 1st Stage, Yuuwaku no Garter after winning tickets to the show three times this week.  There are some great stories to tell involving the post-show “high touch” event.  I start off my “Friday with nothing to do” with a day trip to Odaiba and get as close as I can to the world of Idoling!!! And that simply meant visiting the official NHK store.  Wow, what an awesome building that is!!!  My Friday got even more awesome that night, which is featured in the next post…

Days 5-7 (Pt. 2)…Oishii Camembert

I head over to Tokyo Tower to see AKB48’s Umeda Ayaka spin records for the visitors, and get confused by her continually staring at me.  But it was a mystery that would be solved the next evening.  I end the night with dinner at the restaurant currently promoted by the girls of Buono!

My Sweet Meetan

You can also head over to my Ohori Megumi worship site for some cool pics and stories focused on Meetan.  I also got a hold of some semi-exclusive photos of her appearance at the Horseraces last weekend!

Up next, my review of AKB48’s musical, Infinity!!!

CK in Tokyo