CK in Japan, Pt. 3

Oops, I forgot to put my last posts up from my Japan trip.  I have been back for almost two weeks now, and my next trip is already in the works.  It will either be mid-April or early-May.  But here are the last three entries from my original blog site…

CK in Japan, Fall 2009 Day 8…AKB ∞・Infinity

In this post I chronicle my experience of AKB48’s play at Theater G-Rosso.  I loved the Tokyo Dome complex!  There is tons of fun to be had there, and now I know where JCB Hall is in case AKB48 performs there again.  But that’s not all!  I had the experience of my life on Saturday night during the SDN48 “High Touch” event.  What can you say when you have idols grabbing you and declaring their love? (hehehe)

A Special Day for a Special Girl

Not much about AKB in this one, unless you count the autographed Uchiwa I received from SDN48’s ChisakiHatakeyama .  This post is mainly about the Tokyo birthday concert for Morning Musume’s Tanaka Reina.  Birthday shows are always great, as you usually get to see the girls break character and get real for a few moments.  Oh, and if you want to check out Tokyo DisneySea, there are a few pics of the place here.


I tried not to make all of my trip posts about the “gets”.  Instead I loaded them all up here, with a few thoughts about this trip and how ti stacked up to previous trips to Japan.  And if you ever wanted to see a picture of AKB48’s shuttle, I took a close-up pic of it parked behind the DQ!

There ya go!  Japan was awesome!!!  Now I just need to get through the Winter, and next Spring I will head back over.  More awesome experiences to look forward to I’m sure!

CK in California

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