SDN48 in Weekly Playboy

This is so great!  Finally SDN is getting a bit of press outside of their own website.  Actually I believe this is the second magazine spread they have done, but the first I have seen…


Chakiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!  So cute!!!

<3 <3 <3

SDN is as hawt as any young idol act out there!!!



I was kinda bummed that Meetan wasn’t featured more, but I am glad to see they are focusing on some of the new girls.  It’s a double-edged sword.  Right now SDN48 has limited popularity because they haven’t been advertised much.  But I am sure once the promotion machine kicks in the fanbase will increase tenfold.

But where are Nachu and Sayanee’s closeups?  CK Wants!!!

CK in California
(thanks to Shiro_rev@stage48 for the pics!)

2 thoughts on “SDN48 in Weekly Playboy

  1. I love this shooting! All of them just look great!
    And they should use the pics from the last two pages as official profil photos. Like them a lot more :3

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