Happy Thanksgiv…Wait! Happy 1st Anniversary Chuo Dori!

I thought I had started this blog some time in October.  But I was scanning through my old posts, and discovered that the official launch was one year ago today.  Yatta!  So in honor of the occasion, I have a two part birthday post, beginning with my traditional “Best of” series, like I had on my original blog.

To be honest, I haven’t kept up with this site as much as I would have liked to.  There have been 65 posts, which translates to a little more than five per month.  But in all fairness I do keep 3 separate blogs, as well as write for International Wota.  But I do love this blog!  And for the more than 17,000 hits I have received this year, I thank you all!  Okay, my top five posts that I am most proud of in the inaugural year of Chuo Dori…

5.  From Akihabara Station to the AKB48 Theater…A Walking Tour  (5/9/2009)

With a little time on my hands, I decided to do a photo tour of the walk between the station and the Don Quijote building.  It is actually really easy to find, but I remember my first time going to Akiba and my apprehension about being able to find the place.  The entire neighborhood is really interesting to see as well.  This post inspired a huge comment response from people who wanted more info.  So in that respect it was probably my most successful entry.


4.  You Know the Singles?  Get to Know the Stage Songs  (12/21/2008)

Most AKB48 fans will tell you that the true awesomeness of the group exists in the material the casual fan never sees.  Those are the songs that have never been blessed with a PV.  Oh sure, you can occasionally see DVD rips of these songs on YouTube, but they usually get taken down rather quickly.  Yes, there is so much more to AKB48 than Aitakatta!, Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru, Bingo! and RIVER.  Most everyone that takes the time to look under the surface at AKB48 finds that they appreciate the girls a hell of a lot more.


3.  Acchan Does Honshu  (1/31/2009)

This was such an amazing concept, and I was so sad that they only did two segments.  Acchan scampers around Japan visiting lucky fans to 1) give them an autographed copy of her photobook, and 2) grant one wish for the winner.  It was adorable enough to see Acchan making omelette rice and dancing in a “wota-bedroom”.  But what was even funnier were the winners themselves.  Not to mention that the concept in general had my mind going at light-speed.  What request would I make of Acchan if she showed up at my front door?


2.  Acchan at the Bat  (8/11/2009)

Combining the PV for Iiwake Maybe and Ernest Thayer’s classic poem “Casey at the Bat”.  I have never considered myself a poet, and I was surprised I could come up with phrases that would flow and rhyme.  Unfortunately I think the comedy of this post was lost on the younger generation.  But I was really proud of it.

And my #1 favorite post of the year???



1. I’d Like To Say Yatta!, But I’m Still in Shock…AKBingo!  (11/28/2008)

I can’t believe it was been one year since this monumental event in Meetan history.  The infamous AKBingo! episode when we learned the results of Ohori Megumi’s 10,000 CD challenge.  It was the most heart-wrenching moment in the history of AKB48 by far., and it just solidified how much a adore Meetan!  Recently my PC crashed and I lost my download of the episode.  Luckily I was able to get another copy.  And you know what?  I still cry every time I watch it.

Part 2 of this celebration will be a special anniversary picspam.  So look out for that!

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