1st Anniversary Celebration Picspam…A New Oshimen for a New AKB

Now that the AKB48 Team Shuffle is right around the corner.  It is merely a matter of weeks before my favorite member Ohori Megumi moves over to SDN48 full-time.  Personally I think this is the perfect move for her at the perfect time.  And as I have seen SDN48’s new stage in person multiple times, I couldn’t be happier with the work she is now doing.  Meetan will always be my favorite idol no matter what she is doing career-wise.  Nothing will ever change that.  But this also means that I am going to need a new Oshimen in AKB48…

I recently wrote this post, which listed my nominees.  But deep down in my heart there was one particular member who I was most intrigued by.  It began in May at the Theater.  It continued with a brief adorable moment at the New York Anime Festival.  But it was my most recent trip to Tokyo that clinched it….

CK’s new AKB48 Oshimen…Iwasa Misaki AKA Wasamin!!!

When I wrote that post back in October I mentioned that I hadn’t seen enough of Wasamin to truly gauge her talent.  That all changed when I saw her perform in AKB Infinity three weeks ago.  She was absolutely sensational in it.  And no, that isn’t just my opinion.  It was the scuttlebutt of fans around the theater.  Not to mention Akimoto Yasushi himself singling her out for kudos on such a wonderful job.  At this point the consensus seems to be that Iwasa is a star in the making.  And since she is only 14 years old she has a lot of time to develop her talent within the group.  But make no mistake, she already performs with the confidence of a veteran!  So in celebration, here is a picspam of Iwasa Misaki and an unbelievably great performance of Tonari no Banana at Theater G-Rosso

Her interactions with Lovetan were so cute!!!  Now for a few solo-pics…

When I saw Infinity, one of the perks was to get a picture of your favorite member in the play after the performance.  The two leads had their own lines, but the rest of the cast were bunched together.  That meant that you could briefly greet each girl as you passed, but could only stop at the girl you wanted a photo from.  When I went up Yonechan, Haachan and Chiichan seemed to be getting the most attention.  And I was really bummed to see Tanamin standing alone, especially since she is another of my favorite members and I knew I was going to pass her up.  When I finally got to Wasamin I fully expected her to have a line since she was so good in the play.  But there she was, with no one in front of her.  As I stepped toward her she automatically said “Arigatou” as if she fully expected me to keep going.  But when I stopped and said “Oh…WASAMIN!” She truly looked taken aback for a brief moment.  I don’t think she expected a foreign wota like myself to be a fan.  And when it finally dawned on her that I was the one screaming her name in the front row at Webster Hall the look on her face was priceless!  It was one of those fond memories I will keep in my heart forever.

Hopefully when she becomes a front-girl for AKB she will remember the fans that followed her from her humble AKB beginnings.  I know she will.  Wasamin is awesome!!!

CK in California

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