AKB/Idol Ranker 2018

Okay, I think that ancient ranker I had up on this page was here long enough.  Aside from Wasamin being on top of it, it really doesn’t represent who I like in AKB these days at all.  I mean some of those girls graduated like 4-5 years ago.  Anyway, since there is no “ranker” that I know of that lists the girls in an official way, and can be transported to this blog, I will merely list my “Top 5” members in each 48-group, and some of my other favorite idols…

Eternal Kami-Oshi
1. Iwasa Misaki

1. Yamane Suzuha
2. Kobayashi Ran
3. Yamauchi Mizuki
4. Muto Orin
5. —–

1. Matsumura Kaori
2. Tani Marika
3. Hidaka Yuzuki
4. Yamauchi Suzuran
5. Sato Kaho

1. Kawakami Rena
2. —–
3. —–
4. —–
5. —–

1. Akiyoshi Yuka
2. Fuchigami Mai
3. Sakaguchi Riko
4. Murakawa Bibian
5. Tomonaga Mio

1. Oguma Tsugumi
2. Yamada Noe
3. Nishigata Marina
4. —–
5. —–

1. Sakaki Miyu (Cuca)
2. —–
3. —–
4. —–
5. —–

(I don’t follow the other 48/46 groups close enough to create a Top Five)

Other “Idols” (These are “active” musical performers)
01. Sawabe Rion (Tokyo CLEARS)
02. Aoba Hinari (FESTIVE)
03. Tanifuji Misaki (KissBee)
04. Yuki Himeri (SetsunaSonic) former DISDOL, former No Plan, former Alice Project
05. Chaki (Hatakeyama Chisaki, soloist) former SDN48
06. Miyabi (Minyo Girls)
07. Yuua (Minyo Girls)
08. Hashimoto Kanna (Soloist) former Rev from DVL
09. Aikawa Kozue (I LOVE YOU)
10. Ramu (Minyo Girls)

So there ya have it.  And these are performers you will likely see mentioned from time to time on this blog.  Of course this list is always subject to change.  I will try to keep it updated.

CK in Tokyo

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