My Top 75 Idol Songs of the 2010s

As I thought of making a top list of 2019, my thoughts went to be more ambitious. While I always love making my end of year lists, as the decade of the 2010s came to a close I became more and more thoughtful of the decade of the 2010s when it came to idol music, especially considering I had been a fan throughout the entire decade. With the rise of the idol boom in the early 2010s to the current slate of idols today, it has been an exciting decade to follow. And so, I decided to make a list of my top favorite idol songs of the 2010s. This list is intended to both be an overview of the Japanese female idol industry over the 2010s as well as a personal list, things I thought were particularly influential but also things I thought were particularly good. I hope that in making this list I can come even remotely close to encapsulating a decade of quality music. Additionally, this list is being ordered by release date, as just coming up with this list was a doozy, let alone ordering it in terms of either influence or quality.

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