Tokyo Idol Festival 2011 Part 7

I will get to all the groups, even if it takes after the festival. Because they’ve added so many new groups since I’ve started, to the point where I have way more to cover. But it’ll get covered, I promise.

Minicheer Bears: I assume it’s “Minicheer” because the group’s cheerleading themed; however, the real name is “みにちあ*ベアーズ” and I keep wanting to read the first word as “miniature,” especially since this is such a young group.
There are fourteen members, and it’s another Stardust group, which then makes them a sister group of Momoiro Clover and Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku. The first thing I noticed is that their website is REALLY cute. There are teddy bear images everywhere, and it looks like all the Q&A profile questions are handwritten, but in a really cute way. Another notable thing is that the girls are all REALLY young. The ages range from 9-12, so if you like your junior idols VERY junior, Minicheer Bears might be the group for you to support.
I think they’re still really indie and haven’t released any singles yet, but they did perform at the Tokyo Idol Festival last year. It looks like only a few girls are singing, so I’m thinking the set up is that only a few girls are the leads and the others are background dancers?

Still, it’s a cute group, and it’ll be interesting to see if Stardust pushes them further, given the relative success of Momoiro Clover.

Mugiwara * Musume: When I saw the name of the group, I immediately thought “OK, they have to be a Morning Musume clone.” However, from their looks, it seems like they’re more of a Country Musume type of group, since that’s the vibe they’re getting at. This is another group with very junior members, with ages ranging from just barely nine to thirteen. They were formed late last year, so the group hasn’t even been around for a year!
Interestingly enough, they released one single with two songs on it last year, Mugiwara Musume no Uta and MY DEAR BLUE.
Upon listen, it does seem like a country themed group, though the versions I’ve heard are on YouTube and are outdoor performances (which doesn’t lend itself well to acoustics). MY DEAR BLUE is a bit more electronic sounding than Mugiwara Musume no Uta, though. They seem pretty rough so far, but the videos I’ve found were a few months ago at the least, so I’m hoping they’ve practiced some more for the idol festival!

Momochi Minami:  OK, this is one of the more bizarre things I’ve looked into while getting into the Tokyo Idol Festival. Momochi Minami is an idol that wears an anime face mask, and dances/sings anime songs. I’m having trouble finding much more than that, but honestly this is hitting Uncanny Valley territory for me.

I am having trouble finding more information about Momochi Minami other than the fact that “she” does anime songs, and it looks like she’s a DJ? But I think there is a decent following among anime enthusiasts, so I’m going to be interested to see how this works at the festival.

R*M : Pronounced “ramu”, I just have to say that my sleep-deprived mind (I just got back from vacation, and I never sleep very well in beds that aren’t my own) read “Dance and vocal unit” as “Dance and polka unit” which for some reason made me really really excited.
Anyways, no, they’re just a normal idol trio unit, that seems to focus a bit more on the vocals. The name actually stands for the three idols in the group, Rui, Anzu and Emika (Focusing on the M in eMika). They were just formed this year and released their first single, Kiseki no SPARK in July. The reason I say that they seem to focus a bit more on vocals is because there are live harmonies done in the performance I’ve found of Kiseki no SPARK. And while their vocals are a bit rough so far, there’s definitely some promise from what I can tell.
Anyways, I really like Kiseki no SPARK as a song, and I’d love to find the studio version, because it’s actually one of my favorite songs I’ve discovered from this mission to find all these groups. This is the type of group I could see getting some success as more of a vocal unit than an idol unit, if they got some really good vocal training over the next few years.

YGA: This is one group I’ve heard about before but that I’ve never gone and looked for anything from before. According to their Tokyo Idol Festival bio they’re “50% variety, 50% idol, 120% meetable.” And while the nerd in me wants to go “that does NOT add up to 120, and how can that make any sense?” I do think it’s a really good sentiment for an idol group, if they’re focusing that much on variety. Actually, I think focusing that much on variety is a great idea, considering that that’s one of those big things that makes people really love an idol group.

Unfortunately, it’s tough to find information about this group, because there are a variety of things that go by the name YGA (including an English-language LGBT magazine) so finding information about that Japanese YGA is proving a bit tougher. However, they do have eight members and have released three singles with an album on the way, all in this past year which indicates that even if they started doing things earlier, this year is their first big year as an idol group. Their blog does indicate that they started up at the end of 2009, though, so I think that 2010 focused more on their variety duties.

They seem popular, from their view numbers on YouTube, and from what I can tell they’re related to Idoling!!! or have done something with Idoling in the past, considering they have a DVD together. Idoling!!! fans, tell me if I’m wrong about this!

Tokyo Idol Festival 2011 Part 6

Just under two weeks until the festival kicks off and they keep adding groups on me!!!

Fudanjuku: This is IMO the group of gimmicks (though they aren’t bad gimmicks) because there are two things that make the group stand out. One thing is that each of the girls have some kind of fandom themselves; they’re all supposed to be a wota of SOMETHING, whether that thing is anime or pro wrestling or anything between. The other thing is that they are crossdressing idols, with the “male” portion of their act called Fudanjuku, and the female portion as “Nakano Fujoshi Sisters”.

The thing I find kind of interesting is the fact they refer to themselves as “fujoshi” as women, as I’ve only heard that in the past as a negative term. It means “rotten girl” and is usually only  used in the yaoi fandom. However, I do appreciate their nerdiness.

While I don’t think the group has hit it that big, I know that a lot of the English-speaking fandom is aware of them. And they really should be, because this is a pretty cool group. The highlight of the group was one time they were on a TV show with Momoiro Clover and a couple of other idols, and they started to flirt with the idols that didn’t crossdress.

This is a really good group, that while they aren’t big yet, I can see their gimmicks giving them serious niche appeal.

Pre-Dia: This is, as far as I’m aware, a fairly new idol group. According to their bio on the TIF site, they had their live debut only in November of 2010! They have 12 members and are a sister group of Passpo, which automatically makes them a group to follow, since Passpo’s management has been doing such a good job of promoting them so far.

^This is their debut single, Dia Love. They seem to be going for a bit of a more mature image than their sister group Passpo. Other than that, since they’re less than a year old and under an indies label, they really don’t have that much about them.

The Possible:  Ahh, a group that was originally H!P Eggs! The Possible is arguably the flagship unit of Tsunku’s idol “Nice Girl Project” under his own label TNX (I say arguably, because I know there are some Canary Club fans out there). It’s currently a five member unit.

I have to say, I stopped following the group after my favorite member (Ohse Kaede <3) left the group, but it’s nice to still see them kicking. TNX suffers from pretty poor sales, even though I do enjoy quite a bit of the music that comes from them. The Possible is a pretty tight group, and Canary Club has released some gems. Plus, they both had stuff to do with the game Rhythm Heaven, which I think is the best work Tsunku has done in years.

They released their last single last year, but they’re releasing their newest effort, a mini-album, a week or so after the festival ends. Coincidence? I think not.

Still, the fact they’ve been together for years makes them pretty solid as a group, even though their sales haven’t been so hot.

Hop Club: Clever name is clever! It stands for Horipro (a talent agency) Osaka Produce Club. So essentially, it’s a regional idol group produced by Horipro in Osaka. Man, they managed to get a cute name from all those abbreviations.
They’re a six member group with ages ranging from 21 to 15, that according to Japanese wiki was formed in 2001(following the popularity of Morning Musume?). They apparently only became really active in 2009, when they started to do radio and single,s though they did TV appearances before then.

With multiple generations and these local TV performances, they seem to be just local Osaka area idols, now trying to make it elsewhere with the current idol boom. Their live appearances look to be at many idol festivals including the Tokyo Idol Festival, so good luck to them.
(can’t embed their PVs, sorry).

MaixNao:Mai x Nao is an idol duo group formed in 2010 with Sakura Mai and Miyazawa Nao. Both of them are older (at least by idol standards, with Mai born in 1985 and Nao born in 1987), so they have a bit more of a mature feel. They released one single , Hoshi no Piasu, in August of last year, soon after the group was announced.

They appear to come from a company called Aint, and other than that not much is out there about this indie group.

However, among the idol festival, their mature image might be a bit refreshing from all the younger idol groups out there.

Tokyo Idol Festival 2011 Part 5

So, I’ve been putting off this post for a while. I go on the Tokyo Idol Festival website, and lo and behold, they’ve added new groups. Will this madness never end?

Passpo: THIS group is why I’ve been putting off this post. And before I get haters, the reason why is because I know they have a lot of passionate fans and I just don’t know that much about them, so I don’t want to get things wrong.
Passpo’s a travel-themed idol group with ten members. They were formed in 2009, made their indie debut in 2010 and just now made their major debut in 2011.
The group is relatively new, however they generated a lot of buzz around them, especially during their Indies phase. Their first single, Shoujo Hikou, got #1 on the weekly Oricon and sold 42,706, which is excellent for an idol group major debut. However, according to Generasia, its drop from #1 to #102 set the record for the biggest drop from #1.
Regardless, they are becoming a bigger and bigger group, and I know a lot of people love them for their energy and rock sound. However, one member said she’d shave her head if the group didn’t get the weekly #1… and they’re releasing their single the same week as AKB48. So soon we might have a bald idol!

They’re going to definitely be a big headliner for the festival, though!

BA5: According to the new summary on the Idol Festival website, the 5 Bs stand for Big, Broad, Buzz, Beat Beauty. I’m not sure that big and broad are things you want your idol group, but there you go.

I haven’t heard much about them before, and finding information about them is a little tough, since BA5 can go anywhere. However, according to their Idol Festival information, they do regular shows on Nico Nico Douga and other streaming websites. Also, from what I can tell on their website, they are a promotional group surrounding Broad Ace, an internet service provider.

Also, from what I can tell, they’ve released a single and an album. There are five members in the group, but it looks like two of them have graduated, since they’re under the OG label on the site, but I haven’t seen much with BA5 with only three members.

Still, finding much about them is kind of tough, so this Idol Festival is perfect for them!

Pinkish: This is another group that has apparently been around for a long time (since 2002???) but hasn’t done much of anything. There are currently three members: Haruna, Mao and Aoi. However, only Haruna has been there for that long (since 2003), with Mao and Aoi hailing from 2009 auditions. So the lineup isn’t too stable.

They seem to do mainly mini lives in places like malls, as well as doing shows on the internet on ustream. That’s the amazing thing about the internet; it allows for girls to do this!

They’ve released a single and an album, the album in 2006 and the single in 2008, which is called Yume Miru Ichigo. The group has done a few TV shows, but nothing I recognize.

Fine: On all the information they’re listed as “Special Girls Unit Fine” But everywhere else it’s just Fine, so I’ll go with that.

A quick word of advice to people who might start up an idol group some day: Don’t make names just average English words. Finding information about said group is going to be tough, and therefore will make life a little bit harder for prospective fans. If you search AKB48 on the internet, you’re not going to have trouble finding the idol group.

However, I did find their homepage, and it seems that they’re an indie idol group with nine young members. They’re also under the same company as Oh Campee, that I’ve covered before, so they’ve done a joint live with them.

They don’t seem to have a PV like Oh Campee does with Happy Happy Birthday, so this video was the best I could find of Fine. However, if you know and love them, please share information with me! The girls in this video have really great energy and seem cute, and could probably be very great idols!

Forchun: I really can’t find much about them other than their blog and a video on YouTube。

They seem to be more of a sexy group than anything, but they don’t even have a Japanese wiki page or non-Ameba website, as far as I can find.

Tokyo Idol Festival 2011 Part 4

Tokyo Cheer2 Party: Pronounced “Tokyo Cheer Cheer Party,” the first thing I found out about them was this Tokyohive article, where the group went to a station and cheered on the workers of Japan.

This is a really cute thing that is a bit of promotion, but also a good thing to do for the country, as well.
I admit that this is another group that I don’t know too much about. According to Japanese Wikipedia, they were formed in 2010 and have 17 members; the leader Sawa Miho is 18 but will turn 19 in a couple of days, whereas the youngest member Hirayama Kurumi is 10; quite a large age range!

They’ve released one single “Todoke! Yell Ai Kotoba” just in April this year, so I imagine that they’ll perform this at the idol festival, unless they’re really trying to promote future releases. They’ve also done a lot of other idol festivals like this, the one I found was the Idol Festival in Hibiya, so they seem like they’re really trying to make a name for themselves.

I can’t find a video for their first single, unfortunately; here’s the one thing I found, something from their first event:

The song they do isn’t very energetic, but I’m hoping for the best from this group!

Dorothy Little Happy: I didn’t know of this group before I started searching for the Tokyo Idol Festival, but apparently they do have a pretty good following! Pure Idol Heart did a wonderful write-up of them back in March, and that’s honestly so well done that I’m going to link it here:
If your current thought is “But Serenyty, clicking links is HARD and I love your blog so much”… first off, you’re lying (but thank you for loving my blog <3), but here’s a quick thing about them. Dorothy Little Happy is a Sendai local idol unit formed early 2010.
The reason they’re named Dorothy Little Happy is because the producer apparently took inspiration from the character Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, and wanted the girls to be like Dorothy. So far they’ve released two singles as well as a mini-album which was released by avextrax, so the fact that they’ve started to do things with Avex definitely raises their profile some. Vocals wise, they do have one main singer, Mari, but the other girls do sing some. Their music is definitely rock-tinged, which is interesting if you tend to like rock-influenced idol music.

I don’t know if I’m completely won over yet, but these girls definitely have a lot of promise, and I’m excited to see more from them!
Natural Point: This is another fairly obscure idol group, that was actually formed all the way back in 2005, believe it or not. They’re currently a duo group, though they originally had three members. As far as original music goes, they only released two singles. They released one, “Lovely” in 2005 and “Shinin'” in 2007, so they  don’t have that much original stuff that has actually been released. They actually did perform at last year’s Tokyo Idol Festival, though I don’t think I saw their performance, so maybe they have songs that they just never performed.
From this official site it seems like they’re active onlilne and also have their own DVD, but that’s currently about it.

So really, these girls are pretty unknown; they’re considered local idols. Still, Nachupo is a pretty cute group, regardless!

Vanilla Beans: Another group I know! They’re an idol duo that does more retro/classic idol sound, performing similar to much more old fashioned idols. And despite being on an indies label ( Flower Label) they’ve actually made a bit of a name for themselves within the idol world. Just last year they appeared on Music Japan’s female idol special, which also hosted Morning Musume, Momoiro Clover, S/Mileage, and AKB48, among other groups. So seeing that they’ve performed at the last Tokyo Idol Festival and will now perform at the 2011 festival is a bit of a surprise to me.

Still, I suppose that their sales really aren’t that great, which doesn’t really surprise me given the fact that they are appealing more to a niche demographic and not trying to make themselves the type of group that would appeal to absolutely everyone.

Despite some poor sales from the group, they actually released a single earlier this year and are slated to release their second full album in a week (they do have a mini album and a best of album, too). So they really are one of the more well-known/active acts of the Tokyo Idol Festival. Likeability wise, if you like the type of music they do you’ll love them. If your thing is energetic/happy idols, you’ll probably appreciate Vanilla Beans, but you probably won’t be inclined to follow them.

Tokyo Idol Festival 2011 Part 3

Man, I don’t know most of these groups! This is kind of fun!!

JK21: This is a Kansai based group, that was actually formed way back in 2008, but made their major label debut back in 2010. They currently have six members, hoards of ex-members, a side/sub group (JK21 Puchii Musume) and Kenkyuusei of their own.
Another interesting thing is that their name is pronounced “JK Two One” instead of JK Twenty one. Huh!
From what I can tell they still have pretty low sales, but hopefully the Tokyo Idol Festival can help it! They’ve done the theme song for the Hanshin Tigers in the past, so I wonder if Ishikawa Rika (a HUGE Hanshin Tigers fan) knows of them at all, haha.

Anyways, they seem cute and energetic; they don’t really have any specific gimmick that will make them standout, but I like what I’ve seen of some of their singles and performances!
Jewel Kiss: Because their name is common English words, and there’s another Jpop single entitled “Jewel of Kiss”, finding too much about them is kind of difficult. I was able to find this site:
They’re a group of 8 girls, with ages ranging from 10 to 15. They all have different colors, much like H!P groups or Momoiro Clover. I can’t find if they have any original single releases as of yet (though the fact that they don’t have j-ongaku or generasia or any other English wiki pages leads me to believe they haven’t done anything like that yet). They performed at last year’s Tokyo Idol Festival.

It really seems like this song, Koisuru Sniper, is their “signature song”; at the very least, it’s what they have the most videos of.

They also seem to do covers; here’s one of Go Girl Koi no Victory. I also saw one of Aitai Lonely Christmas up there.

Super*Girls: This is a group I know more about than the other groups I’ve been covering as of yet!

They’re Avex’s newest shot at the idol genre, and they’re definitely aiming for the top of the idol world. They were formed last year, and actually debuted at the Tokyo Idol Festival, I believe. They’ve mentioned in the past aiming to beat AKB48. And while I originally  thought that was a little presumptuous, it really looks like Avex is marketing these girls pretty well.

They have twelve members, and released their first album, Chouzetsu Shoujo, back last year. This year they released Ganbatte Seishun as their first single, and their most recent single MAX Otome Gokoro got really close to beating Morning Musume in weekly sales. With each release, their sales go up, and so I really think that they’re going to keep gaining popularity and become more of an idol heavyweight in the future!

I don’t follow them TOO closely, but since I really like Reira and Kaede (two of the front girls), I should probably try to keep up with Super*Girls news.

Sexy All Sisters: OK, yeah, here’s another group I haven’t heard about at all before.

Judging from their website ( it’s an idol collective surrounding fanservice; if you love Sexy All Sisters then tell me wrong, but from what it seems, it’s a group of different idol groups surrounding a fanservice theme.
You’ve got the Pairangers, a sentai themed group; the pai probably comes from the Japanese slang word for breasts, oppai.
You have D-Rive, which is a duet group that fixes cars sexily in their PV Gear Spark.
You have Slender, which is cheerleading themed, and also has a song/pv called “Pantystocking” (based off that one anime?).
There’s Sangokushi, which is old/historical Japan themed.
There’s Umoretai, which is maid cafe themed.
And finally there’s Yankee… the Yankee themed group.
They all seem to have their own singles/DVDs, and sometimes do events together. They’re REALLY fanservicey; they all seem to be adults, though, and not young idols, which is a bit of a relief. Honestly, if you complain about fanservice in, say, AKB48, look at Sexy All Sisters, because they’re in a league of their own.

Tokyo Girls’ Style: I think they performed at the Tokyo Idol Festival last year!
They’re Avex’s first attempt at capitolizing in on the idol genre (before they formed Super*Girls). They’re based off of the concept of older idol groups like SweetS; there’s five girls, all very young (in the 12 or so range) and they are really skilled in singing and dancing. They haven’t been as successful as Super*Girls, but they have plenty of fans in their own right.

Their sales have been dropping, but since they have their devoted fans, I think they’ll be OK. And they did my favorite SweetS song, Love Like Candy Floss, yay!

Tokyo Idol Festival 2011 Part 2

The post in which I investigate and find more about the groups performing at this year’s Tokyo Idol Festival, which by the way will be held 8/27 and 8/28. I’d be VERY happy if it was streamed live somewhere, but the DVD will come out later, definitely.

Circadian Rhythm: Again a weird named group; first the group that has “colon” in their name and now there’s a group named after a body’s 24 hour sleep/wake cycle.

I was able to find a couple of links with them on YouTube, with this being their debut single “Yume Hito Yo” with the coupling song. I like Yume Hito yo a lot, though it does sound kind of familiar in a way I can’t put my finger on. Still, I like these two women (as they do seem older than most indie idol groups). They have a more mature sound than most young/indie idol groups have right now, and it’s kind of interesting.
However, other than finding these links, I am having serious trouble finding any information about them at all, since searching “circadian rhythm” only gets the scientific term, and searching for circadian rhythm in katakana is just the Japanese wiki site about the scientific term. So if they have any specific concept, I don’t know it, and I don’t know the names or ages of these girls at all.
Sakura Gakuin: This is a newish group that I really like so far, that has released one single (Yume ni Mukatte/Hello IVY) and one album (Sakura Gakuin 2010 ~Message~). They have a school theme (hence being named Sakura Academy), and one of the most notable things about them is the big difference in heights between all of the girls.
I’m wondering what they’ll perform this year; last year at the Tokyo Idol Festival they performed Yume ni Mukatte (though at that time it wasn’t a single yet, it was just their one song). This year I’ll imagine it will be more than one song (since they do have multiple original songs). I’m hoping that some of the subgroups from their album (which are all based off of different school clubs) will perform. I’m particularly fond of the subunit “Twinklestars”, which is the baton club. They actually have released one single so far by themselves and will release a second.

I am interested in their second single as twinklestars, but I’d LOVE for them to perform the above single, “Dear Mr. Socrates” live. I love the song, and the PV makes me giggle.

But if you’re planning on watching anything from the Tokyo Idol Festival, I’d look out for Sakura Gakuin. They’re still really new, so I don’t know TOO much about them, but I really like them so far!

ShizuKaze: When I first saw the name (written in Japanese as しず風) I thought it was just a punny name; Shizuka means quiet in Japanese, and Kaze is wind, so I thought it was supposed to be a quiet wind. And it could still potentially mean that, but then I found out it was a duet unit between a gravure idol named Mano Shizuka (I don’t follow gravure, but she has a LOT of DVDs/photobooks to her name) and another girl named Tachibana Fuuka (the first kanji in her given name is the same as kaze).

They hail from a production company that I haven’t heard of before, Versus pro. They look like they’re the top-billed stars of Versus Pro, so I’d imagine it’s a pretty small company. According to their site they’ve been doing some things since 2009, but I can’t find much in the way of singles; they’ve done live events and I THINK a DVD, but not much else. They actually also performed at Tokyo Idol Festival 2010,

They’re trying to sing live it sounds like, but aren’t super amazing yet. Again, can’t find too much on Shizukaze.
Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku: Also known as Ebichu, these girls hail from Stardust Promotions, the agency behind Momoiro Clover. So this is MomoClo’s little sister group! I haven’t seen much from them as of yet, but Stardust is a pretty great agency, and I have a lot of faith in them. They formed in 2009 and their numbers have grown so now there are 12 members in EbiChu! 
I don’t know much about them, like I said, but they seem pretty well loved. They’ve released 5 singles so far, but they’ve all been on indie labels, so that means they’ve yet to make their major debut. One single is called “The Tissue ~ Neverending Youth~” which I think is pretty fantastic. 

They seem like they’re on that cusp of being relatively well known and not. They’re no where near the most indie group at Tokyo Idol Festival, but certainly not the most popular. There’s not too much about them in the English-speaking fandom, but consiering the success that Stardust has had with MomoClo, I feel like trusting them and following EbiChu is a decent idea.

I’m a bit tired, so I will continue more of this tomorrow! So many indie idol groups, so little time!

Tokyo Idol Festival 2011 Part 1

I didn’t cover it last year, but this year’s Tokyo Idol Festival is coming up soon! This is a festival for relatively indie idol groups that seem to be largely unknown by the public. And so, it’s really exciting to see new girls and groups. The list came out a while back, so here’s a quick primer (of what I can find) from the internet of these girls. Full list here.

Idoling!!!: This is AKB48 producer Akimoto Yasushi (AKA Aki-P)’s other project (EDIT: Apparently I’m an idiot and messed this up ><) This is Fuji TV’s project to do a variety show done by idols. They’ve collaborated with AKB in the past for AKBIdoling, and as such I don’t know if I’d quite consider them THAT indie. Regardless, they’re cute and fun. I don’t follow them much, but like I said in a previous post I do like Idoling!!! member Yazawa Erika. They have quite a few members and generations already, and have a good number of fans. Their main claim to fame, other than collaborating with AKB48, is their show Idoling!!! They’re at the point where they aren’t as popular as the AKB48-related groups, but are still really popular, at least compared to a lot of these other groups.

I LOVE this song too! So catchy!

iDol Street ストリート生: I know that they’re by Avex, and are related in some way to Super*Girls, Avex’s current idol project. They might be trainees? Idk, I just had trouble finding much about them, other than that they’re related some how to Super Girls. So.. yeah. 
Afilia Saga East: These girls are an idol group based off of maid cafes, and one of their unique features are choosing anime-type names for themselves. I think I’ve heard of them before, but they haven’t really made it big yet. But yeah, I don’t know if they still work at maid cafes, but that’s where the girls in the group come from. They’re a bit tough to find on the internet, but they seem really cute so it’ll be interesting to see them live.

Afilia Saga East girls still work in the Afilia cafe/restaurants… they are produced by Shikura Chiyomaru (5pb label executive producer) and Halko Momoi (epic idol legend) 
So there you  have it! They still work in the Afilia cafes, even though they’re idols. That could be interesting if you’re Japanese; it’s kind of the ultimate idols you can meet experience!

Oh*Campee: Surprisingly enough I know these girls!!

They are SUPER indie; I don’t think their one song, Happy Happy Birthday, has actually been released as a single or anything. The one place I know they’ve performed is at the Sanrio amusement park (one of the members blogged about it). As you can see, the video is very cheap and the group has a low budget, but the girls in the group seem like they’re having fun in performing this. I think this is the one video of them that exists online (as far as I can find). I hope they’re fun to see live! 
Cocolo Colon: This is a TERRIBLE name for an idol group. However, I looked up their Japanese wiki page, and it looks like they’ve been doing stuff since about 2005. They feature two members, Kaho and Erina; they at one point had another member named Miwa, I think, but she’s since left.

It’s hard to find too much about them right now, but they’ve released this song, Otome Gokoro as a single and have had a few albums. They actually performed at the  Tokyo Idol Festival last year, even though I must have missed this performance or it wasn’t on the DVD. Still, they seem cute and this is a catchy song; don’t know which one’s which yet, but we’ll see!
This is only the first 5 of the 31 listed groups for the festival, but I’ll be trying to find out more about the rest of the groups in subsequent posts! Indie idols yay!