30 Day Idol Challenge Day 25

Day 25: Your favorite Idol who is NOT Japanese.

News item of the day: I am not a big KPop fan.

I have nothing against it, and I LOVE a lot of KPop songs. But something about the industry kind of rubs me the wrong way, and I’ve found it hard to get into. Or maybe I’m just bitter because my favorite KPop group has had no luck in becoming big in the KPop industry, and with three releases I think two of those have been comebacks.

(though JQT IS supposed to be making their American debut this fall).
Again with yesterday, if I wanted to make a cop-out answer it’d be the entirety of JQT. I love all their songs, music videos, and everything I can find about them. 
However, my one idol answer is definitely…
After School’s Lizzy.
After School is one of the KPop groups I attempt to follow, even though half the time me following them really means “*grumble grumble* How does the Korean music industry work at all? Five comebacks? Makes no sense!”
Lizzy really impressed me in Orange Caramel (I love BANG!, but she wasn’t too prominent in that), and now she’s my favorite After School member. She really seems to have a funny, enjoyable personality, and I saw her on some variety show and she was pretty funny, even though I had no idea what she was saying.
(plus, who doesn’t love Mustache!Lizzy? Nana does!!)