Review Monday: Tokyo Girls’ Style – Get The Star

Welcome to my Review Mondays! This week I’m looking at the short PV to Get The Star by Tokyo GIrls’ Style, as suggested by my Facebook friend Ashley. Thanks!


Immediately I was kind of surprised by this song. TGS usually stays firmly in funk music as a genre, which I really like. However, this has been a bit of a detriment to the group, in my opinion. I know TGS fans LOVE Limited Addiction, and I think a lot of the songs on the album are really good, but sometimes the songs sounded too much alike. This is a song that I would expect more from a rock-focused group like Passpo. I really like this, though; I really value the style that TGS normally goes for, but this is a really good diversion.

The vocals sound REALLY good; I don’t know the members well enough to tell, but the girl who sings the solo at 2:10 (I think that’s Yuri? or Hitomi? I really don’t know this group. If you can’t tell) sounds gorgeous. The members all sound really great, though. TGS’ members have a lot of vocal talent, and it shows here.

Ultimately this is a really solid rock-inspired track with great vocals. Though a bit different from the usual TGS track, it’s a really good song for them. I can’t say this will be one of my top tracks of the year, but I definitely really like this.


For a group that was promoted as being a big vocal and dance group, this really doesn’t involve dancing. That’s fine by me, though; TGS stands out more vocally than with their dance skills, in my opinion.

This is a fairly simple PV, featuring the TGS members singing in what looks like a rehearsal room, doing a jam session…with really professional lights? It’s probably best not to think about the story of this, but I wonder if the PV would be more effective with a small story arch, even if that’s just them rehearsing and then performing at a concert. Maybe that’s what the full PV will be? I’d just like a little more variety, because this PV is pretty much comprised of TGS singing in a circle, TGS singing in formation, and TGS singing while hanging out on some amps, with a couple of shots of each member looking cool. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I wish it would expand beyond this.

However, this is a really pretty looking PV. Instead of being colorful, it really does a lot with the contrast between black and white to make a really cool looking PV. My only complaint about how the PV looks is that occasionally the girls’ faces are a bit over-lit so that it kind of washes them out (which I’ve noticed a lot with idol PVs), and they could have used less light to create more cool shadow. However, beyond that, I really like the look of this PV. I really love the focus on that darkness and light contrast and it fits really well with the song. It’s not going to be up there with my top PVs of the year, mind you (I already know what that PV is…) but it’s certainly not bad by any means


As someone who doesn’t follow TGS very regularly, this isn’t really going to change my mind to follow them more. However, I do really like the song and the PV, and I think they did a really nice job.

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