Maji Desu ka Ska PV/Song Review!

I liked writing my Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game Review so I’m doing the same here.

Song: The song itself is good; REALLY good. I was deeply afraid that they’d be shoving the new girls into the sexy type and be like “Here, 12-year-old Zukkini! Sing about how tough being an adult is and how love sucks.” But they didn’t! They did an upbeat song that’s all happy and cute!
Though, is it just me or is this not THAT much like ska? I’m no expert on ska, but I’ve listened to some in the past and it didn’t sound that much like this. This is like, ska thrown in a blender with idol music to produce an upbeat idol song with a bit of ska style in there. But I’m not gonna complain because it’s way  better than a lot of the recent MM stuff. MM, please come back to being good. We like you good.

Costumes: Oh my goodness YES. Like Otoko to Onna, there are two costumes but both are good! There’s the colorful ones and then the black and white ones, and both look perfectly cute but not cheap looking! Yay!

And then there’s grandpa!Aika, who I’m obligated to adore because I adore Aika.

Dance: It’s cute and jumpy! There’s no full dance shot out yet so I can’t judge, but it looks very very cute so far. I’m amazed at how good 9th gen got at dancing this! The dance, while not the toughest one H!P’s ever had, it’s still a lot of work. And 9th gen did a really great job at being at the other girls’ level.

Art Direction: I really like this! It’s a simple PV, but it really shows that a simple PV does NOT have to look cheaply made. The giant Maji Desu ka Suka! hiragana/katakana were actually a fun feature, with the way that the members interacted with them. It was like a character itself. I actually really liked the relatively simple black and white background for the dance shot, because the girls really stood out with their colors.
The one thing about the close ups that annoyed me was that they gave Risa a brown jacket and a yellow background, which clashes like CRAZY to my eyes.

What were they thinking??

Consensus: Maji desu ka Ska! is a fun song with a cute PV. It’s not the best H!P’s ever done by far, but it’s a nice introduction to the 9th generation of Morning Musume as well as a bit of a throwback to the glory days of Morning Musume.

I’m so sorry you guys

Just typing this in between studying to say I’ve missed Happy Disco.

Tbqh my idol fandom isn’t the same when I’m not writing this; I can watch a PV and be like “Oh that’s nice” without analyzing it deeply. But where’s the fun in that?

My idol fandom is in a weird place right now. I’m going to compare it to a marriage and say that we’ve just gotten past the giddy honeymoon phase. It’s at the point where if I’m not super interested in idols I’d quit; it’s way past the “ooh, this is new and shiny!” phase. I still love idols, don’t worry. It’s just less new and sparkly.

The real reason I haven’t posted in fff two months is because school is evil. I’m aiming to work in TV production in my future and my school doesn’t offer that as an option for classes. So I’m trying to figure out my future. In the meantime I was planning on studying abroad in Tokyo… and now there’s an abundance of natural disasters. At this point I’m 99% that those plans are cancelled so I’m trying to figure out some new plans so that I can see the world like I want to.

I’m planning on trying and posting more here, but it can’t be all the time until summer. Even then I’m hoping to have a job and an internship.

MAN REAL LIFE. It always screws up my internet fandoms.