30 Day Idol Challenge Day 15


Day 15: Your favorite Momoiro Clover member.

Easy easy easy it’s

A~rin, Sasaki Ayaka!
For those of you relatively new to my blog, I LOVE Momoiro Clover. They’re probably my all time idol group. They’re energetic, fun, cute, all around great dancers and singers. Their newest line-up, Momoiro Clover Z, is looking to be great; they’re having two singles come out next month, and I plan on reviewing both songs/PVs.
I love all the members, at least of the line-up that have had singles (MomoClo was a VERY indie group, and had former members before they even got a PV), but A~rin’s my favorite. She’s the “idol” type of Momoiro Clover, has the color pink in their color scheme, and is quite girly. She’s also fairly mature as a person, despite being only recently 15 and the youngest of the group. She’s cute, fun to watch, and has a nice, fun-loving personality.
Also, I’m quite convinced she’s the idol second coming of my favorite idol ever, Ishikawa Rika. Ayaka’s from Kanagawa (same as Rika), has the color pink, is the member that is both cute/sexy, is a bit strange, and is mature for her age. 
But seriously, I love all the members of Momoiro Clover, and so if you aren’t too familiar with them I urge you to check them out!


I just was alerted that I’m the next Summer Refreshment poster for International Wota, and I got the nicest write up of my 30 Day Idolathon series by Ray on that site.


The Doctor shares my enthusiasm

I’m not doing this blog searching for money or fame, because honestly, with an idol review blog, I’m not going to find either. I started this blog because I have so many thoughts about the idol business, and I used to just rant/rave to my friends, who I don’t think appreciated this.
Still, it’s REALLY nice to be recognized, especially in a big spot on probably the biggest idol review blogspace in the English-language idol fandom. I don’t NEED hundreds of comments or thousands of views or anything like that, but the fact that some people read my stuff makes things A LOT more worth it.
So now, next week, I’ll be doing my Summer Refreshment post, about Idols, seasons, bikini PVs and more. Happy Disco will also be taking a field trip to get my refreshment treat, gelato at the Mall of America. I have some fun ideas for this post, so I hope people will enjoy it!

30 Day Idol Challenge Day 14

Day 14: Your favorite Idoling!!! member.

Ah, Idoling!!!. If I pretended to know more than the basics about them I’d be lying. I do know, however, that I LOVE their song Me ni wa Aoba Yama Hotogisu Hatsukoi 

However, of all the members, the one that really catches my eye and that I’ve enjoyed seeing once in a while in AKBIdoling!!! stuff is…

Yazawa Erika!

While mostly known by non-Idoling!!! fans as the one with the really big breasts, she just has a really fun attitude. In the PV for Me ni wa Aoba… she does wotagei and ends up really having fun with the whole thing. I once heard that she hurt herself and couldn’t do a concert because she was HEADBANGING too hard.

She’s the energy queen of Idoling!!!, which makes her a treat to watch, whenever I watch something with Idoling!!!

New AKB Dating Sim set in Guam~

It was just announced that the sequel to AKB48’s first dating sim (or rather, rejection sim) game, “AKB 1/48 Aidoru to Koishitara”, which will be titled “AKB 1/48 Aidoru to Guam de Koishitara” (REALLY original title there) will be released in October.

I talked a bit about the first game here but even though some people are somewhat negative about it, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I’ve seen the videos of my favorite, Oota Aika, and yes it has made me flail about uncontrollably when she tells the camera (me!!) that she loves me. It’s marketing at it’s finest; who DOESN’T want to have their favorite idol tell them they love them?

My only issue is that I’m a DD (meaning that I like everyone). Lovetan is my favorite, so I’m sure I’d go with her, but rejecting the rest of them would be HARD. I’d be going through the game and then suddenly I have to reject Mariyannu? I LOVE Mariyannu! I have to reject Wasamin? How does that happen? I’d also have the issue of going “OK, I’ll replay the game, but THIS TIME go with Wasamin!” and then run in to the roadblock of having to actually reject Lovetan. This game would be emotionally stressful XD.

This time around, I don’t think there’s many more differences other than the whole “It’s in Guam! Bikinis, hooray!” I mean, it’ll be cool for us fans to see new vids of our idols telling us they love us. But if someone was a casual fan, I doubt this game would be super popular, especially if they had the first one.

I don’t think the brand new Team 4 is included in the game, but they have the 90 minute video which includes Ichikawa Miori going “Anata no Kanojo ni naritai no~” Instead of “Fresh lemon ni naritai no~” which made me giggle.

All in all, while this is definitely not revolutionary (especially being a sequel to their other game), I’m excited to see the stuff surrounding the game. I don’t have a PSP, so I doubt that I’ll be getting this game, but I bet those AKB fans who have a PSP are thrilled right now!

30 Day Idol Challenge Day 13

Day 13: Your favorite AKB48 member.

This is super ridiculously easy for me…

Just from looking at my blog, it’s pretty easy to see that I’m a huge Ishikawa Rika fan. However, what’s not as apparent is my undying affection for AKB48’s Oota Aika.
First, you can obviously see she’s cute. I really do go for the cute types, so straight away I noticed her adorableness, her one dimple, and the fact that lolita clothes REALLY suit her. 

Then I noticed her on stage; Lovetan (best nickname ever, am I right?) always looks like she’s having a blast on stage. She’s not the best singer or dancer, at least technically, but she’s always really fun to watch in performances. This next performance in particular is REALLY fun to watch, especially near the end, to see how fun Lovetan is.

Then I started to learn about her personality; Lovetan is a HUGE anime nerd, and talks about it nonstop on her blog, and is really not afraid to say anything about that. She is slightly sharp-tongued, but in an adorable way. Basically, Lovetan is pretty honest and says what she means, which I think is a good quality in an idol, since so many idols are kind of fake. This ends up being kind of funny, because while she often complains about being harassed by Sashihara Rino, she later complains about being neglected by Sashiko. Ahh, Lovetan, you can’t get it both ways.

She’s also a Miichan wota, which ends up being an adorable thing.

And a while ago I was able to watch Lovetan’s birthday LOD, where she was read the SWEETEST message from Iwasa Misaki, who talked about Lovetan being really nice and inclusive to Wasamin, even back when Wasamin was a kenkyuusei, and now they’re close friends. It’s the sweetest thing and Lovetan ends up crying, as did I, when I first heard it.

Lovetan is an amazing, funny, wonderful AKB48 member. She has a fantastic personality, cute appearance, cute voice and great performance skills. I’m always proud to be Lovetan oshi, because she’s just THAT amazing.

30 Day Idol Challenge Day 12

Day 12: Your favorite Hello! Project member.

Now, this one’s a BIT tougher, because I haven’t been into H!P for a while and my tastes have changed since I started to follow AKB over H!P. I COULD say Rika, and that would be true to an extent, but she’s not a current H!P member. 

However, I’ll have to go with…

The lovely Mitsui Aika.

I know that she has a lot of haters out there, but I have no idea WHY. She’s one of the sweetest members ever, very kind, has a fun personality and isn’t a bad singer at all. In fact, the relentless hate of Aika from both the non-Japanese and the Japanese fan community is part of why H!P isn’t my main deal any more. I love Aika, and her Nine Smile muffler towel on my wall is one of my idol treasures.

Runners up to Ikuta Erina (I LOVE her) and Yajima Maimi. These three are really the last bits of current H!P I love.

30 Day Idol Challenge Day 11

Day 11: Your favorite solo Idol.

Ayaya’s still the queen of soloists. Aya has a perfect voice, hilarious personality, good looks, everything. Honestly, even though she’s been off my radar for a while (though I do have her newest album on my iPod), I still listen to her stuff like crazy just because her voice is that good. It’s kind of disappointing that she’s currently not all that popular and not doing that much. UFA is wasting all kinds of talent, especially since Ayaya used to sell as much as MM.

Matsuura Aya is definitely still my favorite idol soloist. <3

30 Day Idol Challenge Day 10

Day 10: Your favorite “undebuted” Idol (Hello! Pro Egg, AKB48 Kenkyuusei, etc.)

Just because, I’m going to name two!

The first for Hello!Project fans is the (former) H!P Egg Sekine Azusa. Now it looks like Sekkii is going to get some work in Up Front Girls and UFZS, but since the group is mainly doing KPop dance covers at the moment I’m still counting her as undebuted. 

She’s a GREAT performer. She has oodles of stage presence in addition to being one of the most skilled singer and dancer of the H!P Eggs and possibly of current H!P despite being relatively young; she gained some good recognition when she did a duet of Romantic Ukare Mode with Kikkawa Yuu at only 12 years old! In my past idol rankings I’ve always said that I’ll push Sekkii up higher when I get more stuff with her in it, and it looks like UFZS/Up Front Girls might do that. She is such a sweetheart and I love her. 
And now, my other favorite undebuted idol…

I like her better than Sekkii, which I never would have thought about an undebuted idol, especially an AKB48 Kenkyuusei. Since the whole concept of the KKS is that they have to keep reauditioning and might leave at any time, I’ve been hesitant to get behind an AKB48 Kenkyuusei.

And now she’s pretty much tied with Oota Aika for favorite AKB48 girl and second favorite idol. What.

I just love Natori Wakana that much. When I first saw her perform Romance Kakurenbo (the   solo song that a kenkyuusei performs before a performance of the Team B 5th stage) I was immediately interested. She has oodles of stage presence ALREADY, and this was her first ever performance of everything! That voice, that performance. It was amazing. Then I saw her performing with the Kenkyuusei the song BINGO during the Request Setlist 100 2011 and she was just so cute and energetic in how she performed it. 

Finally, I saw her in the 11th generation Kenkyuusei special on the show Ariyoshi AKB Kyowaku, where they all competed in various tests. One of them was picking up snakes (there were three of them) and putting them in boxes. In the previous challenge, Wakanyan had shown her fear of lizards (by having one mess up her dancing). However, she braves through it and the snake BIT HER. Instead of freaking out and throwing it off her, she takes the snake that’s biting her and puts it in the box. And then goes for another snake. That’s bravery. (However she did get either last or second to last in the running competition because that was too much XD). It shows a really strong personality and I just found that amazing.

Yay Sekkii and Wakanyan!!

30 Day Idol Challenge Day 9

Day 09: Which Idol’s voice do you dislike?

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I honestly don’t have an issue with most voices. However, I do have my limits. 

Koharu Koharu Koharu. I have no issues with her personality, but her singing. HER SINGING. I don’t mind it OCCASIONALLY; I like Happy enough as a song to be able to ignore this. But guh. just. GUH.

30 Day Idol Challenge Day 8

lol I’m late.

Day 08: Which Idol’s voice do you like best?

This is a bit controversial in American idol fandom, but I REALLY don’t care about voices that much. If a voice is annoying I’ll dislike it, but it’s not 100% necessary for an idol to be really skilled at singing. I love voices that are traditionally seen as “bad.”

I guess I have two examples; the first is of course, Ishikawa Rika. I LOVE her voice to pieces. Some people hate it, and I just think a couple things. First off, singing live IS a bit tougher on her, since she does have a pretty low lung capacity and asthma; she has some breathing issues, so when she’s dancing around singing live isn’t so easy. However, I love her voice ESPECIALLY in non-traditional things, like Dekiru Onna and in As For One Day. That’s where her voice shines; it’s so hauntingly beautiful. 

I LOVE Rika’s voice as the first line here. She’s good enough to be a soloist, IMO. If she sang more things that sounded like Dekiru Onna I would love everything.

However, my current vocal love is AKB48’s Natori Wakana. Wakanyan is ridiculously talented, even for being a research student, and I want nothing more than for her to get lots and lots of solos with this voiiice. I normally don’t care about vocals, but when they’re as beautiful as Wakanyan’s she MAKES me care about hearing her more and more.