Review: Tsubaki Factory – Konya Dake Ukaretakatta

I’m trying something out a little different with Happy Disco – instead of longer form reviews of albums, singles and videos like I’ve done in the past, I’m going to instead do some more shorter reviews focused on individual songs or videos. While I love doing longer form content, I feel like most people enjoy idol music in a more fragmented way. Plus, there are a lot of songs that I feel deserve a mention without necessarily being in a longer review.

Tsubaki Factory’s Konya Dake Ukaretakatta is the first song I’m covering in this format, in part because I really like this song but also because Tsubaki Factory is such an interesting group – they were originally considered the lesser Factory group, following Kobushi Factory’s debut, but Tsubaki Factory’s sales have skyrocketed to being some of the highest in Hello!Project, getting higher day one sales than many groups get for any single. I think it’s going to be interesting to see where Tsubaki Factory goes after this success.

Konya Dake Ukaretakatta is arguably my favorite song off their newest, fourth single, though Junjou CM is not far behind. It’s got a fun catchy melody that hasn’t left me since I first listened to it, and it has a bouncy fun feel that reminds me of other summery songs like the Whiteberry cover of Natsu Matsuri. The melody and energy of this song work really well, and the members do a really great job of performing it.

My biggest issue with Konya Dake Ukaretakatta is the arrangement – everything feels so compressed that there’s not a lot of range or dynamic sound. It’s big and brash all the time but, for a song about wanting to be playful, it’s not very playful at all. The electronic instruments sound just fine but not particularly interesting. The distorted voice at the start of the song just sounds unpleasant, and I’m not sure why they didn’t just distort the vocals of one of the members in a more pleasant way – it’s high pitched and whiny in a not great way. There’s very little bass, which I think could have suited the song well. More than anything the arrangement reminds me of some late 2000s Hello!Project – it’s serviceable and not going to stop me from listening to the song, but it could have been so much better to elevate this from good to great.

That all being said, this is a really fun song that Tsubaki Factory performs well and I feel like would be very fun to see live.