My Top 10 Jpop songs of 2018

Hey all,

Long time no post! 2018 was a complicated year for me with Japanese music, to be honest. Not a lot of things excited me this year, and then I inexplicably got far into KPop. Now this isn’t necessarily a reflection of my interest in JPop – far from it, I like interesting pop music just in general. But as we are getting closer to 10 years of the current idol era (which I arbitrarily start at AKB48’s RIVER) the J-idol industry is feeling a little stale, especially as idol groups keep disbanding without many standout groups taking their places. That said, there’s still plenty of solid music, and I want to keep talking about it. So Happy Disco is going to get more posts (hopefully!) in the coming year and some of them will be Kpop – centric in addition to JPop.

Instead of a top 25 this year, I’m doing an unranked list of my top 10 favorite Jpop songs of the year and then another unranked list of my top 10 Kpop songs of the year. So here we go!

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