Momoiro Clover Signs with King Records

Momoiro Clover is the future of the idol world.

I’ve been thinking this for quite some time, actually right after I found out about them. They’re all adorable, the girls are fun, the music is some of the best idol stuff out there right now, they do amazing performances. There are so many reasons right now why I’d actually consider MomoClo to be my favorite idol group right now.

However, my suspicions have been, if not confirmed then validated when I heard the news that it’s recently been announced that MomoClo is signing with King Records. If you aren’t familiar with the name, King Records is the label that, get this, AKB48, THE biggest idol group in Japan since Morning Musume’s peak, is signed to. Holy crap.

(on a slight tangent, to announce this and formally sign with King Records, the girls all wore wedding dresses. This was apparently to show that signing with King is “getting married to the label”. Strange logic, but hey, there are cute pictures of all the girls all dolled up in wedding dresses. It’s too cute to complain about.)

Ayaka sez: “We’re going to outsell all you bitches.”

Now, the fact that Momoiro Clover is signed to a successful label isn’t going to change everything. Every label has their own hits and misses. Avex, for example, is a very successful music label, but their most recent attempt at the idol world, Tokyo Girls’ Style, has terrible sales and their sales keep dropping. (Note: I am not dissing TGS in any way shape or form; their sales have just been sucky).

However, Momoiro Clover has a very firm backing in the idol business. They’ve been around for over two years now (they recently did a two year anniversary live) and have released two indies singles and one major single that are pretty successful. In fact, Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo, their major debut single, got #3 on the Oricon weekly charts, something that even AKB didn’t do with their early major label singles. This may be comparing different things because now the Japanese music industry is LOVING female idol groups (which, as a fan, makes me VERY happy), but the fact that they’re doing better than Avex’s attempt to capitalize on the current idol boom in Japan shows that there’s something about MomoClo that appeals to a wide variety of people (including me <3)

While most people might go “ooh, new label, pretty pictures”, I think this is rather significant. It means that MomoClo is growing in popularity and significance, and I think they actually might have a shot at becoming a much more prominent idol group.

Yes yes, we are the Momoiro Clover….

Also, MomoClo is FINALLY releasing another single! They’re releasing “Pinky Jones” ( a theme for an anime) with two c/w songs including Coco*Natsu which is, I believe, being released as a digital single, as well. The PV preview for Coco*Natsu has been released, and I REALLY like this song/PV. The PV is cute and youthful and fun, and the song is REALLY catchy. I’ve caught myself humming “cococococococo” around the house.

But with that, I’ll wrap this post up simply by saying that I have really high hopes for the future of Momoiro Clover, and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed!! MomoClo has the Happy Disco seal of approval. <3

6 thoughts on “Momoiro Clover Signs with King Records

  1. Quote: Avex, for example, is a very successful music label, but their most recent attempt at the idol world, Tokyo Girls' Style, has terrible sales and their sales keep dropping. (Note: I am not dissing TGS in any way shape or form; their sales have just been sucky).

    Avex has a bad track record with idol groups, period. Every single one of them has failed except for SPEED, who only signed with Avex after disbanding anyway. The fact that TGS is selling as much as SweetS and dream back in the day says a lot. SUPER GIRLS will be a massive FAIL too. Momoclo is too epic to flop… then again I thought that about SweetS. Must be the Avex idol curse.

  2. Oh, really? I wasn't around in the idol scene when SweetS was around, but from what people have been saying about them I always assumed that they sold a bunch. Thanks for the info <3

    SUPER GIRLS is another story, but I honestly don't think they'll sell at all. If the first thing you tell people is "We're going to beat AKB48!!" you alienate a HUGE amount of people. I really cannot see them selling any more than TGS, and with the number of members they have…

  3. A great post – a pleasure to read 😀
    I'm one of probably many who don't understand the world of Japanese labels and their meaning. But this article made it very clear to me, thanks to you ^^
    I'm really looking forward to their next single and just about everything they have to offer 😉 Their new PV looks great and I think it's cool they aren't following the "white trend" which so many idol groups have used this summer. Or maybe I just love colours :3

  4. From what I understand, Tokyo Girls' Style sales have been climbling, not decilning. So you have it wrong. Yes, I'm a TGS fan. I bought their firat two singles, and I'll likely buy more when I can afford it.

    As for Momoiro Clover switching labels, I frankly don't understand the logic behind it. Two indie releases, followed by a releases on Universal, a major label. Why not stay on Universal? Did they do something wrong? Weren't they promoting Momoclo enough?

  5. @Cecile: thanks for your very kind comment! I also love the fact they're so colorful; MomoClo seems like a BIG change of pace.

    @Cardcaptor Jim: If you look at the Oricon charts, while their first day sales get better and better, their weekly/overall sales dropped. First day sales are most likely due to preorders, I'd gather, and the few wota TGS DO have. Overall/first week, Kirari was their highest selling single and their latest song was their lowest, and I'm backed by the Oricon charts that I check on the JPopStop Wiki.

    Also, there can be a myriad of reasons; Universal wasn't working out, MomoClo's management didn't agree with Universal's management, who knows. I just know that this is probably a step in the right direction for Momoiro Clover, since King promotes the hell out of AKB48, so we can expect solid treatment.

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