Idol Thoughts: Thoughts for Ladies Code and EunB

Hey everyone,

I know I don’t write about KPop at all, but just wanted to make a quick post about this.

As many of you are I’m sure aware, the members of Korean idol group Ladies Code were in a car accident. Member EunB sadly passed away and other members are in the hospital in critical condition.

it’s hard to know what to say about this, because it’s an utter tragedy. My thoughts are with Ladies Code, their families and their fans.

It’s really easy to start asking questions about how this happened, but I just want to remind people that ultimately this is a tragedy, and while speculation is easy our focus should be on the girls and their fans, not on that.

If you know anyone who is a fan of Ladies Code or even anyone who’s having a hard time with this, try to do your best to comfort them. As Japanese idol fans we all know how easy it is to be affected emotionally by idols. I can’t imagine the feeling of a favorite member of mine passing away. It has to be devastating. So let’s just keep that in mind when discussing this online; EunB was someone’s oshimen (or bias, since Kpop), and so there’s an element of grieving going on.

Even if you’re just a JPop fan like me, let’s do whatever we can to support Kpop fans as they deal with this. This is a really difficult, scary thing.

Again, I just want to reiterate that my thoughts are with EunB, Ladies Code, their family and friends, and all the fans of Ladies Code who are emotionally affected by this. May EunB rest in peace.

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  1. Indeed. No one, no matter what industry or fandom, deserves to die like that. Imagine my surprise to find #RIPEunB trending on Twitter last night. (I also imagined what the aftershock could have been like as a result of Hiromi Yanagihara’s death.)

    As fans, let’s take this opportunity to offer peace and respect the mourners. This isn’t easy for anyone, really. *hugs*

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