The End of an Era (sort of) 30 Day Idol Challenge Day 30

Ahh, the thirty day idol challenge. I’m going to credit this with whipping me back into shape as a blogger, because while I like idols I think I was kind of stuck when it comes to content when I kind of stopped blogging earlier.

Now it’s the last question, and the biggest doozy of them all.

Day 30: Why do you love Idols?

This is a tough question, because i have this big urge to go off and ramble about why I think idols are amazing. The real answer is basically everything. I love everything I’ve found about idols, and it’d honestly be tough to find a thing I didn’t like about them.

The reason I spend my energy following JPop idols and not, say, western music (though I do follow western music, just not pop music) is because it’s really different from popular music in the US. I love my indie/alternative rock, but popular Western music really doesn’t do all that much for me (with the exception of Katy Perry, but shuushh). I love idol MUSIC because it’s positive and upbeat. Even the serious songs like AKB48’s Beginner usually have a good message (though not always) and it’s never about the club. I want to rid the world of songs about the club. 

Idol music itself is fun and happy, something that I often find seriously lacking in western music, and so I appreciate idols for that.

However, I also love the idols themselves because of the effort to, again, have fun and work hard, two things I like. Idols aren’t lazy and most certainly aren’t doing it for the money. They’re doing it because they want to be idols, for the most part. It’s fun, and honestly quite inspiring to see the girls working so hard at what they do. In the words of Enkyori Poster: 

Sometimes I mess up
And feel a little down
But one vague glance
And I’m looking into your eyes

Are you working hard
Somewhere now, too?
I become unable
To complain

(from kiwi-musume)

That’s one of the big things I love about idols; is that watching their antics just makes me feel a lot better, no matter what. 

And so, while I ultimately have many reasons for loving idols, the biggest reason why I love idols and continue to spend so much effort loving them is that idols make me happy. I occasionally have some stress/anxiety issues, but all that can melt away when I watch my 
favorite idols performing on stage doing their best or doing something silly on a show. 

So basically, above all else, I love the fun and happiness of idols; there’s a reason this blog is happy disco.

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