Happy 5th Anniversary Happy Disco!

Five years ago today, on February 23rd 2010, I started a blog. It wasn’t on this domain, and not all of my old posts are on this current site (though my old blogspot blog is still up, if you want to sift through it). But it was still Happy Disco. So today is the fifth anniversary of the day that I created Happy Disco.

Throughout this week I’m going to post a few retrospective things. But man, I just want to reflect a bit on this. Because really, I’m not sure I expected to keep doing this for as long as I have been. When I created this blog I was 18 years old and in my freshman year of college. I’ve changed a lot in those five years, and I didn’t know if I would even still be an idol fan five years down the line, much less still wanting to blog about it. But here I am, five full years later. I haven’t always blogged as much as I should have, and I’ve taken breaks here and there, but I am still here.

As much as I have changed over the years, my writing has changed as well. Looking back at the early days of Happy Disco feels like looking back at an embarrassing old photo or, perhaps more accurately, an embarrassing old diary entry. However, I owe most of that change to the mere existence of Happy Disco. Writing on this blog has helped me foster my writing skills by the sheer volume of practice I do on this blog.

Blogging has helped me feel like a bigger part of the idol community. I know I’ve gushed about this community several times before this past year (with Idol Matsuri, Morning Musume in New York and my end of the year review) but it’s so true. While I would have met people without Happy Disco, it’s certainly helped make me feel like part of this community, like I’m contributing what I can. Meeting the people I have in this past year has been a real privilege, and it has me excited for the next big idol event in the US.

The idol world has changed a lot in the past five years. February 2010 was before Momoiro Clover’s major debut, it was just after AKB48 released Sakura no Shiori, it was before Morning Musume’s 9th generation. It was before iDOL Street, E-Girls, Rev. from DVL. It was before the very first Tokyo Idol Festival. It was just at the start of the idol boom, and so much has changed within the major idol collectives. It’s kind of staggering, really, to think about just how different the idol landscape was back then. I became an idol fan when things weren’t looking so great for idols, but things have turned around in a major way.

My personal idol fandom has changed a lot. At the start of Happy Disco I was primarily a Hello!Project fan, just barely starting to consider the idea of following other idol acts. Now, while I still care a lot about Hello!Project, my tastes have veered off to a variety of different acts and groups, major and indie. As much as I like to say I became an idol fan in 2007, my favorite groups are radically different. Part of that is because so many groups were formed in the recent years, but I also like to think that I’ve become a bit more open to trying new things.

Thank you to every single person who has ever read this blog, commented on it, or mentioned it to me. You all mean a lot to me, and I always appreciate the kindness I’ve been shown.

As for the future, well, I look forward to the next five years of Happy Disco.

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