There’s More Than One Disco in Town… yay?

I’m working on both the Ongaku Gatas concert review that I am now DETERMINED to finish if it kills me (each post reviewing two songs takes well over an hour and is kind of draining) and on my super awesome new series about what I like about idols and the qualities I personally find important.

However, Happy Disco doesn’t really fit my needs for fangirling, especially about my favorite idol, Ishikawa Rika.

Thus, the new member of what I’ve decided is my Disco blog series is…

~Charmy Disco~

I plan on this blog to be basically very in depth about Rika’s career; if she does something big I’ll probably cross-post it or just post it in the Happy Disco (that is, Hangry&Angry news will go here, Ongaku Gatas news will go here, but I might link you to the Charmy Disco if it’s SOLELY Rika related). I just feel like I don’t want to clutter this blog which is supposed to be fairly professional-ish with a lot of fangirly “OH MY GAH LOOK AT THIS PICTURE OF CHARMY <333” posts that I’d like to get out somewhere.

But yes, if that’s something you’re interested in, click the link and visit Charmy Disco. I promise I’ll fix the banner that I made at 3 AM soon.

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