The Twelve Days of Idol Christmas -Aitai Lonely Christmas

From Hyadain’s bitter Christmas song to C-ute’s depressed one, both about being lonely on Christmas.

First, can I say just how weird it is that Aitai Lonely Christmas is five years old? Generally, when I think of idol music I think of “anything that came out before I was an idol fan” is old, however, as idol music continues to grow, that definition is increasingly archaic. So even though Aitai Lonely Christmas feels very recent to me, it happens to be already five years old. Wow.

I love just how overwrought and melodramatic this song is. It starts off with a darker beat and then goes straight into the chorus of “aitai no ni” that just begs to be belted out. I went off to do something else while writing this, and the entire way I couldn’t help but sing “AITAI NO NIII.” The verses are fine, but the chorus has a very catchy melody that is easy to sing dramatically.

That said, the lyrics do fit, by the simple reason of ending the chorus with “konna kimochi hajimete” (it’s the first time I’ve felt this) – the contextualization of first love makes the melodrama work. And the fact that it’s Christmas adds on to that – it’s not only that they aren’t with their love, it’s Christmas too!

The rest of the song is pretty typical Hello!Project, but I love that there is a melodramatic song about moping around during Christmas, unable to be with your boyfriend.

The PV, while not necessarily the greatest thing, came at a time when H!P PVs could be counted on to be fairly lazy and unimpressive. This actually looks nice. The interior sets have a nice, warm feel to them and the “outside” set utilizes cool colors. While there are some moments of unintended humor (Maimi looking dramatic after writing “Merry Christmas” and “suki” on a piece of paper mostly), the set design is pretty great.

While this isn’t something I listen to often during the holidays, I appreciate that it exists, and I still get “aitai no niiii” stuck in my head more often than I’d like to admit.

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